I personally think this is the #1 most effective thing to help raise your vibration so that you can more easily use the Law of Attraction on a consistent basis.

How Does “Right and Wrong” Thinking Affect Your Vibration?

When you assign an event, idea, belief or person as “right” or “wrong” you are creating an inflexible definition of your reality. This in turn limits your ability to create reality the way you want to because your vibration hinges on external events.

To explain, if something is “wrong” it is always “wrong” and every time it shows up in your reality it will inevitably cause you distress and lower your vibration. If you label something as “wrong,” you automatically allow that something to cause you fear, pain, annoyance, anxiety or sadness. Conversely, if you label something as “right” you automatically allow that something to give you happiness, gratitude, love or joy.

It might seem then that it is a great idea to keep the “rights” and ditch the “wrongs,” but while labeling something as “right” will give you these wanted, high vibrational emotions-you will still set yourself up for failure. Why? Because when these “right” things disappear, you are left back feeling that things are not right. Your happiness then relies on the appearance and existence of external things like events, ideas, beliefs and people; you have given your power to control your vibration away to the external world. In order to take your power back and truly be able to master your vibration it is wiser to look at the external world through a neutral lens, rather than through one that is polarized in “right or wrong.”

Why do We Think In Terms of Right and Wrong?

It’s likely that we think in terms of right and wrong because we are taught to. From birth we absorb from our parents, teachers, the media, etc, that certain things are “right” (like being polite, getting good grades, being neat and clean, etc.) and certain things are “wrong” (like being rude, failing your classes, having a messy room, etc.).

It is also likely that “right and wrong” thinking developed to help us navigate our physical reality. As developmental psychologist Jean Piaget noted, all children are highly skilled at developing “schemas” (or categories), to help them classify, order and understand the world around them. “Right” and “Wrong” are simply categories that we can place our knowledge, just as are “Nouns,” “Verbs,” “Animals,” “Races,” “Places,” etc. Classifications like these have the power to serve us or to work against us. It is in our best interest to note when we are not being served by our choice to classify.

The Evidence Against Right and Wrong

Look around your environment and you will see that there is always evidence for something to be BOTH right AND wrong at the same exact time. This is why we are divided on issues like drugs, abortion, and capital punishment. There are two sides to every story and two sides to every argument.

This is why taxes are good in that they provide money for public services, like roads and schools, but taxes are bad because they are oppressive and reduce our personal income. This is why we are so fortunate to have a plenitude of food in our country, but on the other hand the GMOs and pesticides that are used to grow our food are causing cancer. There’s always a yin to complement the yang.

You can look at anything and choose to find wanted and unwanted, good and bad, right and wrong. You can also choose to look at anything and feel nothing. It’s really up to you and how you choose to perceive. Why choose to perceive anything in a way that brings you into a lower vibrational resonance?

How to Free Yourself from “Right and Wrong” Thinking to Raise Your Vibration:

Here are four strategies that I use to help me break away from “right and wrong” thinking. This enables me to use the Law of Attraction even in the face of things that I don’t like. Find one that works for you!

1. Play Devil’s Advocate

When you come into a situation where you have decided that something is “wrong,” take a moment to look for the “right.” It’s there-it always is. Look for all the ways that it is good for this “wrong” thing to be here. Who is it serving? How might it be beneficial? How would the world be worse off if it wasn’t here? In order to deconstruct absolute rights and wrongs it is imperative that you are able to see that right and wrong are simply personal, perceivable preferences, rather than absolute, inflexible realities.

2. Play the “What-If” Game

Sometimes something happens and I get really mad. Say, some guy cuts me off in traffic. Rather than feed into these feelings, honk my horn, curse at the guy and give him the finger, I’ve started to play the “What-If” game. What if this guy cut me off because if he hadn’t I would have gotten in an accident further down the road? What if this guy cut me off so that I would slow down because there is a cop up the road and I was on the path to getting a ticket? What if he has a pregnant wife in the car who’s about to deliver? What if he is sick or has diarrhea? You really have LITERALLY NO IDEA why things are happening in the external world-there might be a very good reason out there that you haven’t considered! Open your mind to the possibilities.

3. Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

This is an exercise to do at any time, not just a time when you are in distress. I challenge you to look back at your life at all of the “wrong” things that have happened: break-ups, failures, embarrassments, even deaths. Look at how in those darkest of times, good has emerged. Our darkest times teach us of our strength and perseverance. Our missteps have taught us great lessons. Our heartbreaks have led us on the path to find love and happiness again. Use your life history as a lesson in how “right” and “wrong” are not absolutes, and how a “wrong” can frequently be the best possible road to where you need to go.

4. Worry About it Later

When all else fails, and you still find yourself entrenched in polarized thinking on a given subject, the best thing you can do is distract yourself. You might have a hard time just telling yourself to “let it go,” as this phrase often comes across in a negative way. Instead, try the following technique.

In times like these, I’ve found that it is easier for me to tell myself “I’m not going to worry about it now-I will worry about it later.” This gives my ego permission to hold onto its beliefs, and not feel guilty for feeling the way that I do. At the same time, this statement allows me to move on with my life rather than fall down into the rabbit hole of lower vibrational thinking.

After you’ve decided to worry about it later, immediately move into another strategy to raise your vibration. Over time, if you continue to first allow yourself to feel the wrong, and then place it aside and move into something enjoyable, you will train your mind that it’s OK to let go of these thoughts. This is because you will be positively rewarded by the higher vibrational feelings that came as the result of putting down the unwanted “wrong” and moving on to happier activities or thoughts. Psychologists call this kind of training “Operant Conditioning.”

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