Are You Goal-Oriented or Flow-Oriented?

In working with students of the Law of Attraction, I have met a lot of “goal-oriented” individuals. Are you goal-oriented?

Now, truth be told, it’s perfectly fine to be goal-oriented! After all, we are expanding beings, constantly in a state of choosing new preferences and aiming for new heights in life. I myself consider myself to be rather goal-oriented.

With that being said, however, I think MANY people miss out on the benefits of being flow-oriented FIRST, with goal-orientation coming second.

What does it mean to be flow-oriented?

A flow-oriented individual places the state of “flow” as being the supreme state, above any other temporary achievement or goal. This kind of person focuses most of their attention and energy towards their vibrational state and maintaining a easy, fun ride through life.

Some people do this on purpose, others simply fall into a flow-oriented lifestyle naturally. My brother is a good example of someone who’s always just “gone with the flow” even without formal vibrational training.

Why is it important to be flow-oriented?

Now, while it is good to be goal-oriented, it is even more important to be flow-oriented. This is because a state of flow allows for easy manifestation and more importantly, a happy life!

For example, think about the last time you were in a state of flow. Perhaps you were playing the piano, singing your favorite song, dancing or in a synchronous conversation with your best friend.

Energy flowed through you seamlessly, and you felt the perfection of the moment.

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That is the benefit of being flow-oriented. Placing flow as our primary “goal” in life allows us to tap into the harmony, synchronicity and fun of our lives. Things just work out better from a state of flow.

Flow first, goals second.

Now, if you are a student of the Law of Attraction, it is very likely you have goals you wish to manifest, and this is good! Keep moving towards those goals.

Just be aware that when flow comes first, goals are more likely to manifest. When you are high, happy and in a state of flow ideas come freely and you are inspired to take the kind of action you need to take to make big moves.

Too often people put this the other way around. They put goals first, and flow second.

Then, guess what happens?

The pursuit of the goal becomes obsessive to the point of frustration. Instead of getting into the state of flow in order to create, the individual hammers away at the goal to a point of stress and overwhelm.

In a state of stress or overwhelm, the inspired action and free flowing ideas come to a halt. It becomes all work, and no play. And when that’s the case, what’s the point of going after the goal in the first place? Aren’t our goals in place to bring us into a greater state of happiness anyway?

So today, I encourage you to make flow your primary focus in your day-to-day. Keep your dreams in mind, and keep reaching for your goals, but place your main emphasis on flow. Life will become a lot more fun, and (surprisingly) a lot more productive!

XO, Andrea

Law of Attraction Educator

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