Failure Is a Gift: Will You Accept it?

Did you know that your failure is a gift?

We often look at our failures as our source of pain, frustration and sadness.

An unexpected breakup leaves us wounded. A lost job leaves us feeling vulnerable. A failing grade shakes our confidence in our abilities.

Worry not, though, because your failure is a gift-if you choose to accept it.

When we fail, we are forced to confront what isn’t working in our lives. It’s no longer possible to hide behind our own ignorance. Our naiveté is exposed.

We’ve learned something important, whether we wanted to or not.

We can’t pretend it’s all going to be ok anymore, because it wasn’t. Quite clearly, we see how our choices and actions failed to take us where we wanted to be. In failure, we always see something important we missed when we fell.

Fortunately, the lessons of failure happen automatically. The pain of a fall always causes us to look back to see what tripped us up. Hindsight is 20/20, and by default, we learn how to do it better if we ever do it again.

If we are wise and the goal is important to us, we dust ourselves off and make another attempt.

And if we choose to try again, the gift of our failure makes us much more likely to succeed this time around.

So instead of looking at your failures as tragic endings, start to look at them as promising new beginnings. Every time you fall down you are far wiser than you were before you jumped. Without the failure, you wouldn’t know something you needed to know in order to land on your feet this time.

Go out there, take chances, and fall down. It’s ok, because every failure you experience is a gift that will make you more successful in the end.

Just remember, greatness is inherently a journey. To achieve great things, you will have to learn a few lessons along the way. This is good thing, because if there was nothing to learn, the achievement of your goal would be far less rewarding and meaningful to you.

Your failure isn’t there to punish you or prevent you from having what you want. Rather, failure is your best teacher on the road to your success. Accept its gifts, and try again.

XO, Andrea

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