The Problem is Your Thinking

“The Problem is Your Thinking” was written by guest contributor, Jason Demakis.

The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem. Do you understand?”-Captain Jack Sparrow

Have you ever been really excited and passionate while contemplating a big life change, or something new for yourself in general?

How often are your considerations met with instant internal arguing?

What about when you KNOW something is the right choice, but you still have a very hard time getting to a place where you can comfortably start taking action?

This is a very common issue for many people, and it almost always boils down to a flawed assessment of the situation at hand.

To put it simply: the problem lies in your mindset, attitude, and/or “vibe” regarding how to approach and solve said problem.

Thankfully, there’s a way to fix this issue, and it all comes down to expanding your current level of consciousness.


Unconscious Stumbling Blocks

What you’re actually experiencing (when you feel stuck while trying to get into action) is an unconscious “block”.

Unconscious means you’re currently unaware of what’s preventing you from allowing yourself to take on specific goals.

You feel a bit intimidated, even in the contemplation stage. The goal might feel just a bit too large for you to bite into. This is perfectly natural, and can even be used to your advantage – if you commit to becoming consciously aware of the mental games you’re playing with yourself. We all play these mental games.

The more conscious you become, the more you realize that all of your excuses are irrelevant.

They begin and end within you.

You make them, you can break them.

People often look outside of themselves for the “permission slips” that they think they need before they can start making serious self-changes. This is a fool’s errand. It’s not actually a permission slip you’re seeking; it’s permission to not need a permission slip any longer.

Permission begins and ends within oneself.

Every single thing your mind can come up with to convince you “why you should or shouldn’t do something” is in reality just an inner tug of war with yourself.

When you become conscious of this fact, you immediately regain control over your own thoughts and behavior.

How crazy it is to think that so many people live their lives on auto-pilot?


Either they allow their first impression of something to immediately dictate the climate of their own thinking, or they’ll quickly rationalize away something that would actually increase their level of personal power. This is most often out of fear due to a lack of understanding. Fear due to a lack of conscious awareness. You cannot understand that which you’re not even aware of. You don’t know what you don’t know.

This is where it’s important to become conscious of the difference between having to trick/convince yourself that you need to “suck it up” and tolerate work and activities that deep down aren’t fulfilling (yet you’ve been conditioned to accept due to a lack of conscious awareness that you have other choices), and adopting a path of sincere and challenging growth – one that actually aligns with your highest personal values, aspirations, and goals.


The Difference is Progressive Personal Consciousness Development

All there is, is choice. Everything is a natural consequence of choice.

The only difference is between people who allow external factors to influence their choices, and those who are conscious of this information, and commit to making their own choices based on their ever-expanding internal power – regardless of what others think.

There are people who allow external factors to influence their thinking, and thus become the reasons why they make certain choices.

The why portion of the equation is where they slip up.

Such people are the first to complain that things are never going their way, or how they just can’t get ahead. It’s always someone else’s fault. They refuse to take conscious responsibility, so their choices and results are naturally less than optimal. Since they insist that reality is all “out there”, they’re never in control.

It’s very hard to have control of your life when you believe such control is impossible to obtain in the first place. This is the state of learned helplessness.

Leave someone else in charge of the important choices, and you’ll suffer their consequences.

Then, there are those who are conscious of this behavior, realize how foolish and self-limiting it is, and commit to making their own choices – regardless of whether others approve or support.

Even when they aren’t getting results yet, they’ll still be taking action. These people consciously understand that the real battle is all in their own minds. Action is all that’s required to start getting results. These results may not be what you initially had in mind, but you’re completely free to keep taking action until your results start aligning with what you’re after.

This is an incredibly empowering mindset and attitude to hold toward life in general.

Conscious people understand that literally nothing can stop them…except for themselves.

In truth, however, living consciously isn’t easy. That’s precisely why so few people strive to do so.

Do you know what else isn’t easy? Getting knocked down over and over in life – especially while chasing goals that other people have convinced you are of importance, all while your true passion and fulfillment internally screams at you to “turn the ship around!” over and over and over again.

Don’t get discouraged or demotivated though. Paying attention to your choices, behaviors, and actions can indeed feel like a chore at first. In both the above circumstances, the escape rope is reminding yourself that you have freewill choice.

Life can get incredibly fun the more you commit to making conscious choices.

Creating my website and writing this article were conscious choices for me, and I’m having a blast! Embracing my passion of conveying concepts of consciousness, growth, and empowerment to others; I can’t see myself doing anything else!


Stop Looking For Permission!

The “secret” is to get past those unconscious stumbling blocks by allowing yourself to take action toward your highest excitement.

You don’t need a reason to do so.

Thinking you need a reason is precisely what your initial problem was.

We tend to fool ourselves into believing we need some sort of external “permission” to get started chasing our dreams.

You might think you can’t start until you have more money saved, or your boss gives you permission to take time off. The truth is, you don’t need anyone’s permission to start going after your highest excitement.

Permission begins and ends within oneself.

Simply work on becoming more conscious of the

Then, adjust your course of action, gauge the results, and learn to fall in love with the process.

It’s infinitely more noble to adopt a life path of exciting self-discovery and growth – one that can lead you to assist others in doing the same for themselves – than it is to accept and perpetuate soul-crushing, trivial, redundant, close-minded, fear-driven “work” under the guise of social acceptance and “correctness”.

By empowering yourself, you remove the chains that so many are convinced are necessary to live a “proper life” here on planet Earth. People cling to misery as if it were part of their identity. Heaven forbid that some people become conscious of this stuff, and choose to start making better choices for themselves!

People hate being reminded that their lives are essentially on a treadmill, and that they’re free to step off at any time. The only difference between them and YOU is that you’re armed with the power of conscious awareness, which gives you the understanding that in truth, there are no limits – only choice of individual perception.

Remember, choice is all there is…so choose consciously, my wonderful friends! 🙂


Are you going after your dreams?

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About the Author: Jason Demakis is a personal trainer, writer, speaker and time & productivity management coach. He approaches personal growth head on, without pulling any punches! To learn more about Jason visit his website here.


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