How to Make Positive Changes Without Giving ANYTHING Up!

Do you have any unhealthy habits you’d like to eliminate from your life? Would you like to make some positive changes, but you feel stuck to self-destructive thoughts or behaviors?

Often, I see people who desperately want to make positive changes with the Law of Attraction. Unfortunately, it’s just too hard for them to give up their habits of behavior and thought.

For example, maybe I meet someone wants to lose weight and get into shape. However, he has a hard time believing he can lose weight eating the way he does. Additionally, he has a hard time giving up the food he believes is bad for him!

Or perhaps I meet someone who wants to have a relationship with a partner who lasts. Unfortunately, she has a hard time believing the “bad guys” she is attracted to can provide a lasting partnership. Additionally, she’s having a hard time letting go of her attraction to the bad guys!

So, what do you do when you want to make positive changes, but you don’t think you can give up your self-destructive thoughts or behaviors? How do you stop focusing on the things you believe are bad for you?

Add, don’t subtract!

The answer is easy: ADD thoughts and behaviors, don’t SUBTRACT them!

What do I mean by this?

Well, with the Law of Attraction, we get what we are focused on. So if I am in a habit of thinking bad guys are attractive, but they won’t be good partners, that will be my reality.  It will probably be very hard for me to eliminate my desire for bad guys or my belief that they could be good partners.

It’s just really hard to stop thinking or doing something you’ve been thinking or doing for a long time! There’s just too much momentum built up with the Law of Attraction, so telling yourself to “stop” feels like a very undesirable chore.

It’s much, much easier to add positive thoughts and choices than it is to subtract negative ones.

Why SUBTRACTING can be very, very difficult

Have you ever noticed that when someone tells you to stop doing something, you just want to do it more?

When we tell ourselves to “stop,” we’re still thinking about exactly the thing we want to stop doing.  It’s hard to stop doing something you are directly aware of and focused on, because with the LOA we get whatever we are focused on!

A better option

So, instead of trying to eliminate these self-destructive thoughts and behaviors, allow them to be there.  Instead of fighting against what you don’t want, let it be. Simply add some NEW self-empowering thoughts or behaviors to the mix.

This way, you are focused less on what you don’t want simply by focusing more on what you do want.  Even better, you never have to feel deprived or cheated out of what you still want to think and do.

So, rather than telling myself I can’t date bad guys and I can’t find them attractive, I could ADD the idea that sometimes I am attracted to men who could be good potential partners.

Rather than telling myself I can’t eat things like pizza or chips, I could ADD the behavior of eating a few foods I believed were healthy instead.

Instead of telling myself “don’t think/do that!” I tell myself “think/do THIS!”

Why ADDING works

This strategy works well, because it allows you to ramp up your focus on what you want without having to try to stop self-destructive thoughts or behaviors.

In this way, adding rather than subtracting can be very, very useful. This strategy allows you to divert your focus to a wanted place of attraction.  The more you are able to promote your focus on this added thought/behavior, the more momentum it will gain.

Adding broccoli and lettuce to my diet allows me to build momentum with foods like broccoli and lettuce.  My added focus on these foods will naturally pull down some of the momentum with the other foods.  In time, I will eat in a way that makes me feel healthier and healthier, as with the LOA, what I focus on enhances itself.

Of course, the foods that are “good” for us depends on our feeling about the food. That being said, if there are foods you believe will benefit you, it benefits you to eat them!

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Adding the thought that I can be attracted to good guys allows me to build momentum with good guys. The more I facilitate my attraction to good guys, the less focused I will become on the bad guys. 

Try it out!

So, if there’s an area in your life you’d like to improve, but you’re still holding on to self-destructive thoughts or behaviors, take heart! You don’t have to cut anything out of your life. You don’t have to stop doing anything. 

Let the Law of Attraction help you gradually fade these thoughts and behaviors out of the picture (and keep your sanity at the same time!).

Allow yourself to keep the thoughts and behaviors you feel stuck on as long as you need to.  Just add a few NEW thoughts and routines into your life that you believe would be better for you too.  The more you can focus on things that make you feel positive and uplifted, the more momentum those things will gain.  Additionally, the more momentum they will take away from the self-destructive thoughts and choices.

I hope you like this tip on creating positive change in your life without giving anything up! Feel free to comment below with your thoughts.

XO, Andrea

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