How to Be Positive ALL THE TIME? (2 LOA tips)

When people learn the ropes of the Law of Attraction, they often quickly learn the importance of being positive. So, have you been wanting to know how to be positive all the time?

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Now while being 100% positive may be a bit of a stretch for most folks out there, I can say with conviction that it is absolutely possible for you to become consistently positive. In other words, there are things you can do to ensure your mind stays in a positive framework throughout the majority of every single day.

So, how is this done? Today I’ll share two easy tricks you can use to get on the track of consistent positivity. Enjoy!

XO, Andrea (Law of Attraction Educator)

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  • Farzana van den Bosch
    Posted May 14, 2023 12:00 am 0Likes

    Great tips! Especially the last one, giving myself some slack and room to breathe by being neutral about where I am in the moment. Thanks Andrea! ☮️💞🙏✨

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