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Quick Trick: How to Find Your Zen in 15 Seconds!

Do you know how to find your zen quickly in a moment of stress or worry?

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As it turns out, this is an EXTREMELY useful skill set to have. Left unchecked, our worried states bleed out into our lives. What starts out as a small anxiety often can build up enough momentum to ruin your day.

After all, thanks to the Law of Attraction, whatever we’re projecting emotionally attracts more back to reinforce the projection. This is why we’ve all had those days where it was just one problem and hassle after another. From a state of stress, we just keep attracting more things to stress us out more!

So, stop stress in it’s tracks! Here is a trick I learned about 8 years ago that made a world of difference in my ability to turn my anxiety around on the fly. Try it out with me here right now, and see how it makes you feel.

XO, Andrea (Law of Attraction Educator)

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  • Deb
    Posted March 29, 2017 12:17 pm 0Likes

    Love this. Hopefully it will indeed become automatic. Thanks for sharing!

  • Andrea Schulman
    Posted March 29, 2017 1:36 pm 0Likes

    Thanks for the positive feedback Deb-enjoy<3

  • Anonymous
    Posted April 5, 2017 12:57 am 0Likes

    Hi Andrea, I’ve a question..Off late I’m waking up early so that I find time for my studies and then go to work. When I wake up early the first thing I do is go to my yoga class and then get back home. I find about 3 hrs in hand but my mind keeps telling it’s tired and I sleep of. This is actually eating up my time for the studies. How do you think I can overcome this?


  • Andrea Schulman
    Posted April 5, 2017 3:38 pm 0Likes

    Hi Anonymous-good question. I have found that it doesn’t matter “how much” you study, but rather how “tuned in” you are when you sit down to study. If you are tired, studying will probably be an uphill battle, and therefore take a lot longer than it needs to.

    When it comes to things I have to do, I try to be flexible about when they get done in order to do them at the best possible time. In your shoes, I might toss a request up to the universe daily that sounds like this “please let me know when it is the best time for me to study today.”

    This will make it easier for you to recognize the best times for you to sit down and get through your studies efficiently. XO, Andrea

  • M. R. Foti
    Posted June 12, 2018 8:59 am 0Likes

    Thank you for sharing this technique! It really works. I think much better than the recommended tapping.
    I wanted to ask, do you believe in healing powers of minerals and gems? This exercise reminded me of when I touched an obsidian stone and it also had a calming effect. From that moment on, whenever I was stressed, I imagined touching the obsidian and anxiety lessened.

  • Andrea Schulman
    Posted June 12, 2018 1:04 pm 0Likes

    Hi M. R. yes some people have positive experience with crystals and gemstones….I’ve found really anything can heal you if you believe in it’s power. So if stones are working for you, keep using them <3

  • yahya abdelrahman
    Posted September 30, 2018 3:58 am 0Likes

    Much thanks to you my awesome teach and facebook freind ,Andrea !! keep in your mind that l learning much beautiful thing from you , l love you so much for what you did to for long run , stay blessed with your family and all people you care about .

  • Andrea Schulman
    Posted September 30, 2018 1:40 pm 0Likes

    Thank you Yahya, your comment is much appreciated-blessings to you as well <3

  • Greg Reichle
    Posted January 31, 2019 9:40 am 0Likes

    We always called this practice: 5-6-7: in for 5 secs hold for 6secs out completely 7 secs. 555 is cool too

  • NR
    Posted February 7, 2019 7:21 am 0Likes

    Very awesome videos with technics are shared by you. Such a great job.

  • Andrea Schulman
    Posted February 8, 2019 11:39 am 0Likes

    Thanks NR!

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