Overcoming Jealousy & Envy in Relationships

I am frequently asked about the process of overcoming jealousy and envy in relationships. More specifically: how do we avoid feeling jealous when the people around us get what we want?

After all, it can be challenging to want something very badly and then see your friend, coworker or neighbor end up with it!

So today, I’d like to share a quick suggestion to you on overcoming jealousy and envy.

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“We all rise and fall together!”

This is a saying that helps me remember how to stay aligned with others get what I want: “we all rise and fall together!”

When other people do well, I am always benefitted…and so are you!

Each person who makes more money has more money to dump into the economy. Every person who falls in love, feels happier and radiates that happiness on all of us.

In other words, good always begets more good! So, in an indirect way, when someone gets something I want I still make out in a positive way.

If I look at this in reverse, the same rule applies. When people do worse in life, it indirectly affects me negatively!

My friend who is going through a breakup is now sad and down when I call her. A relative who is going through a rough financial time can no longer afford to go on our yearly vacation together.

For more on this check out this quick video:

This is something I always try to remind myself when it comes to feelings of jealousy and envy. When someone gets something I want, I immediately remind myself that if their prosperity and life abundance is growing, my prosperity and life abundance is growing as well.

This attitude has helped me get excited for the accomplishments and achievements of others, and I hope it does for you as well.

The more we can be happy for what other people are “getting,” the more in alignment we are with receiving positive things into our lives.

XO, Andrea (Law of Attraction Educator)

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