4 Law of Attraction Tricks to Score More Friends

There was a time a few years ago when I believed what many people believe: that making friends gets HARDER the older you get.

For me, this was certainly true. When I was a little kid, friends were no problem. “Hi! My name’s Andrea, what’s yours?” was always enough to snag a new friend on the playground. 

As I grew up, however, the more it felt like I had to play games and struggle through massive initial discomfort to make friends. By the time I was married, it seemed almost impossible to make new quality connections.

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I think the difficulty many people encounter with age is that as we grow older we develop some habits that keep other people at arm’s length. Without even intending it, we distance ourselves from others and make connection a lot more difficult than it has to be.

Fortunately, though, learning about the Law of Attraction has paid off big time for me in the friendship department. These days, wherever I go I seem to have friends hanging around waiting to talk to me-and they’ve all shown up in my life with minimal effort on my part.

So today, I’d like to share with you 5 Law of Attraction tricks you can put into practice to attract more friends into your life. Try them out, and enjoy!

1.Smile more.

Smiling is seriously contagious, and when you smile at others they will almost always smile back at you. 

Though it might be a little challenging to force yourself to smile at strangers and acquaintances if you aren’t used to smiling, with practice it becomes habitual.

Now, this is particularly true if you get used to smiling in certain places, like the grocery store, the neighborhood or your workplace. The more you smile in a place, the more normal it becomes for you to smile in that place. (Don’t believe me? Try it out at someplace you visit every week, like the gas station or the post office. You’ll soon see that every time you roll up you smile at just about everyone inside.)

The nice thing about smiling? It naturally causes other people to drop their guards around you. Think about that one person at work or in your neighborhood who always smiles. Don’t you find it much easier to say hello and chat with him or her?

Well, the same rule applies in reverse. Unguarded facial expressions attract unguarded people. So show off those teeth!

Try out this smile challenge and see how it works for you: “The Smile Challenge-A Fun Exercise for Positive People.”

2. Make eye contact.

Similar to smiling, eye contact sends a good friendship vibe with the Law of Attraction. Namely, “I want to connect with you.”

If your eyes are saying “please connect” as you move through your day you will attract more people to respond to the call. Averting your eyes, looking down or staring down at your phone sends more of a “fuck off” vibe. We all know this, of course, but if you’ve gotten used to looking away, do yourself a favor and look up more!

Now, of course, this doesn’t mean you have to stare people down or make them uncomfortable. Just be conscious of looking up when you are talking to people, or when you enter a room. When you pass others, give a casual glance and a nod or smile.

The more you reach out to connect with your eyes, the more others will reach out to connect back with you.

3. Use customary greetings regularly.

One of the nice things about language is that we have a lot of easy phrases you can toss at just about anyone, like “good morning,” “have a good night,” or “have a great weekend.”

Customary greetings are easy to use on people you know and strangers alike. Using greetings like this regularly allows you to, again, offer connection to others.

The nice thing about casual greetings is that they get you in the habit of talking to potential friends on an easy basis. Casual greetings don’t require any serious thought or effort to utter, they are so customary they just roll off the tongue.

The benefit? Once you get used to saying “good morning” to someone, it just gets easier and easier to talk to that person over time naturally without any effort. In fact, I often find that I don’t have to initiate any other conversation than a casual greeting-after a few “good mornings” the other person will usually just open up to me.

4. Focus on what you have in common with others.

A lot of times we’ve built up insecurities over our lives. When we meet new people we size them up, and notice how they are different than us.

Are they more attractive? Do they make more money? Do they have better style?

Noticing what sets us apart from others, however, only cause the differences between us to be amplified with the Law of Attraction.

So turn this one around. Notice what you have in common with people. Are you both women? Men? Do you both live in the same community? Do you work in the same building?

Noticing commonalities does two really awesome things that enhance bonding. First off, it gives you all kinds of ideas for things to talk about. Instead of shutting down not knowing what to talk about, suddenly you realize you can converse about your children, your husbands or your shared interests.

Additionally, noting commonalities naturally makes you feel like you understand the other person. You’re both dads? Well, you automatically know that your potential friend understands some of the same struggles and joys of parenting that you do.

Focusing on what you have in common with others is an excellent way to build a feeling of community between you and everyone you meet, because everyone you meet has at least a few things in common with you.

For another great trick to attract friends, check out this video:

I hope you that you enjoy these Law of Attraction tricks to score more friends. Try out one, two or all four if you are feeling particularly ambitious.

The more you smile, make eye contact, greet others and find points of connection, the more people will naturally gravitate to you. Friends will just come to you, without your having to seek them out. Have fun!

XO, Andrea (Law of Attraction Educator)

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  • May Landington
    Posted October 25, 2017 12:39 am 0Likes

    Andrea as a sales manager I know how important it is to build rapport while on the road friendship with someone new..If you want people to like you enough to grow into friendship. Use their name often…there nothing sweeter to our ear than the sound of our name being called…learn their name and use it often ..sam🐥

  • Andrea Schulman
    Posted October 25, 2017 10:18 am 0Likes

    Oh yes, May-that is an EXCELLENT suggestion, thanks for mentioning it!

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