8 Common Sayings That are Total BS (Law of Attraction)

Start learning about the Law of Attraction, and you’ll soon notice that many things people say to each other are highly inaccurate. Here in the United States, we’ve got bucketloads of common sayings and euphemisms that are total BS!

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Unfortunately, when we keep saying these things to ourselves and others, we reinforce negative beliefs and limitations. Instead of acknowledging our infinite power, we convince ourselves we are far less than we really are.

So below, I’ve compiled 8 common sayings that are total BS (and my reasoning for why). Enjoy!

1. “The world doesn’t revolve around you.”

Yes, it does. You are the center of your very own universe. Shift your thoughts and emotions, and your world will change in the blink of an eye!

2. “Life is hard.”

Life is so easy it will only be hard on you if you tell it to be. Switch to “life is good.”

3. “You’ve got to work hard to succeed.”

If this one were true, why are so many people out there killing themselves just to get by? Success comes from alignment, not hard work.

4. “No pain, no gain.”

False. If it’s painful, you aren’t aligned while doing it.

For instance, I make most of my gains at the gym because I LOVE going, not because I hate it. If it was truly painful, I’d never go-and I’d never see results!

5. “Good friends are hard to come by.”

Good friends are plentiful when we come into the realization that everyone here has positive traits and things to contribute. Again, the world revolves around you, remember?

6. “Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.”

This is only true when you are out of alignment. You aren’t required to suffer through life.

7. “Work before play.”

Only if you want to live a life where fun always comes last! For an exciting adventure of a life, switch it around.

8. “People/men/women can’t be trusted.”

Trust this: whatever you choose to put your trust in (without looking over your shoulder/”pretending” to trust) will be trustworthy to you.

For some more positive sayings to focus on in times of frustration, check out this video:

Have you heard of any other common sayings that are total BS? If so, feel free to share below in the comments! Dispel the common myths that keep people chained to suffering, frustration and annoyance.

XO, Andrea (Law of Attraction Educator)

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