The Law of Attraction: Conditional Love vs Unconditional Love

Conditional love vs unconditional love: Are you seeking unconditional love?

Do you want people to love you exactly as you are, without putting demands on you to change, or be someone other than who you really are?

If so, great! That’s an EXCELLENT goal to have when it comes to relationships in love, family and friendship.

With that being said, if we want to attract unconditional love from others with the Law of Attraction, we ourselves must radiate unconditional love first!

After all, with the LOA, like attracts like. We get from others what we put out into the universe.

So today, I want to share the difference between conditional and unconditional love. Keep these concepts clear in your mind when interacting with others. The more you err on the side of unconditional love, the more unconditional love will be attracted to you!

How to radiate conditional love (and attract it back!):

  • Needing to be “right,” and needing for the other person to see your point of view in a disagreement.
  • Letting other people’s actions and choices to determine how you feel. When they “misbehave” you frequently allow your mood to take a turn for the worse.
  • Regularly getting frustrated with other people when they get in your way or slow you down.
  • Reserving your smiles, laughter and polite conversation only for the people you like.
  • Often labeling people you don’t like as “toxic,” “negative” or “bad.”

How to radiate unconditional love (and attract it back!):

  • Allowing others to have their own opinions, even if they violate yours. Making kindness a much higher priority than “winning” in personal interactions.
  • Deciding that you can be happy regardless of what anyone else is doing (even when they are “misbehaving!”).
  • Moving with the flow of life. When someone “gets in your way” you look at it as a potentially pleasant detour, rather than a frustrating impediment. 
  • Giving your smiles, laughter and polite conversation freely to anyone who comes your way.
  • Doing your best to treat all people as the perfect creations they are. Knowing there is good in every person you meet (even if you haven’t seen it yet!).

I hope this comparison of conditional love vs unconditional love has been useful to you. Of course, it’s not always easy to be unconditionally loving, and no one expects you to be so all of the time. If radiating unconditional love is a new idea to you, it may feel a bit unfamiliar at first, so be easy about it!

That being said, the more unconditionally loving you can be, the more unconditional love you will attract back from others. Practicing unconditional love pays off in dividends-I promise!

If you have any thoughts about conditional love vs unconditional love, hit me up in the comments and let me know!

XO, Andrea

Law of Attraction Educator

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  • Anonymous
    Posted March 29, 2017 1:27 pm 0Likes

    Hi Andrea, a perfect sync to the emotion that I am in. I’ve a friend in common whom I adore the most.. There’s a girl who always passes taunts or cheap comments and considers herself to be cool..I always maintain distance from her. I just got to know from my friend (him) that she’s joining the same company where he’s working. This sort of muddled up my emotions. I prefer they refrain to discuss about me. Handling people like her is a task for me..any guidance on this would help.


  • Andrea Schulman
    Posted March 29, 2017 1:44 pm 0Likes

    Hi Anonymous,

    When I find myself in situation where I worry about what people say about ME, this is what I remind myself of: “unless I personally experience it, it isn’t something I have attracted!”

    So whether or not someone talks about me behind my back, so long as I am in the dark it isn’t relevant to my experience <3 No sense in worrying about things I'm not personally experiencing, right?

    Beyond that, continue to focus on the love you have for your friend. This will keep you aligned with the best possible version of him. <3

  • Jose
    Posted October 9, 2019 6:51 am 0Likes

    Hi Andrea,

    I have this one girl whom I treat as my elder sister..(She wasn’t born as my sister,but she loves me as her younger brother)..We used to have a beautiful relationship..She used to call me everyday and ask about my day to day life..She cared me a lot..And suddenly one day,she stopped calling me..She told she was having mood swings..I didn’t know what to do…I applied no contact period and LoA for 21 days..(She did try to contact me many times )I text her regularly nowadays..But she behaves in a rude way often and doesn’t care me much as she used to..I don’t want to spoil such a relationship…..what should I do?please help me

  • Anu
    Posted July 6, 2020 11:29 pm 0Likes

    I’m in a relationship with a guy from past 4 years, initially we both were happy, we experienced unconditional love but for the past 3 years I’m not happy with this relationship. He is controlling me unnecessarily, he is indulging in my personal life, he is not giving me an individual space, I couldn’t even make a single decision on my own, even if it’s regarding my education, job or career… He dislikes my friends, I can’t wear the clothes I like, I can’t roam out with my friends, he doesn’t even allow me to use social media…. I’m really fed up…
    But he loves me truly… I have talked about this several times with him, tried to make him understand my situation, but he says he won’t change his attitude, and it will never happen.

    I don’t know how he changed like this…

    What should I do,??

  • Andrea Schulman
    Posted July 7, 2020 1:27 pm 0Likes

    Hi Anu, for personal assistance I do offer video coaching. For information on this service select this link here:

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