Quick Law of Attraction Tip: Consider the BIG Picture

Today’s extra tip is a bit of a public service announcement to my friends in the Law of Attraction community- remember to always consider the BIG picture!

So frequently, students of the Law of Attraction get very hung up on the specifics of one. individual. dream.

Perhaps he wants a new girlfriend, or perhaps she wants a new job. Rather than staying the course of raising their vibrations and allowing good to come through ALL avenues of life, people who have tunnel vision often disconnect themselves from the stream of creation.

So the new car hasn’t materialized yet. So what? You can still be happy and receive abundance in an infinite number of ways.

So your boyfriend hasn’t popped the question yet. Oh well! Why let it kill your vibe and drag down everything else in your reality?

Now, this message isn’t to say that you can’t have specific dreams. Absolutely not. Keep dreaming, friends, and keep asking for everything your heart desires. Just let go of your grip a little and remember that good things are coming through an INFINITE stream.

Tunnel vision really only works when you are hyped and excited about your dream. If you aren’t, step back and get some perspective to get back into the flow.

There’s a lot more out there to manifest than that one. individual. dream. The more you remind yourself that you are capable of deliberately manifesting many things, the more individual things will come your way. Remember the big picture!

XO, Andrea

Law of Attraction Educator

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