How to Let Go When You’re Holding on Too Tight

Are you trying to manifest something with the Law of Attraction (like a new car, career or more money), but despite all of your efforts it still stays out of grasp?  This is a common problem among conscious creators.  When you’re holding on too tight, the things you want will almost always stay out of reach.  It’s important to know how to let go in order to get what you want.

Most of us have seen evidence of the importance of letting go in the dating world.  You probably know a guy or girl who really, really likes someone so they call them all the time, follow them around and generally just try too hard.  Even though they desperately want a relationship with the object of their affection (and are willing to do anything to get it!), their efforts only scare the other person away.

This is the way all attraction works.  If you try to force a manifestation to materialize, it will avoid you as if you were a stage-five clinger on  However, if you can play it cool, attraction can come easily.

So how do you play it cool? When you feel obsession brewing, take some time to talk yourself off of the ledge.  Instead of feeding into the urge to chase your dream around, stop and have a heart to heart with yourself.  Get a little perspective to lessen your grip.

Here are a few things I tell myself when I am holding on to a dream a little too tight.   The next time you find yourself feeling obsessive about something you want to manifest, think about these statements to give yourself a little perspective and cool down about it.

“Does it really matter?”

Sure, there’s probably something you want really, really badly, but in the grand scope of the universe is it terribly important?

If this manifestation never comes to pass, how will you feel about in in ten years? How about in fifty? How about a thousand years from now?

There are billions of people who have wanted things and died without achieving them.  Does it matter at all now? Is getting what you want right now as necessary as you’ve cracked it up to be?

“If I don’t get it in this lifetime, maybe I’ll get it in the next.”

I realize the idea of infinite life or reincarnation might only resonate with some of my readers, but if you believe your soul will live on after this life forever, it’s helpful remember you have an eternity to get all of the things you want.

If you have an infinite amount of time on your hands, there’s no sense in getting it all done right this minute. In an infinite life you will get everything done eventually-if you weren’t going to get it all done, your soul would be finite.

“I’ve managed to survive without this thing I want for a long time.”

If you really, really want something, chances are it’s been outside of your grasp for a very long time.  You’ve managed to live and survive without it.  You’re still ticking in spite of its absence.

If you had to, you could probably continue to survive without this thing you want.  It’ll be ok, and everything will work out-even if it never comes.

“The longer it takes to come, the more fun it will be when it gets here.”

Is this manifestation taking forever? Good!  The longer it takes, the further it is away from you vibrationally, and this means that when you finally get to it you will be making a big vibrational leap, which is a lot of fun.

Think about it, which would probably be more exciting: winning the lottery if you already had a lot of money, or winning the lottery if you’d been broke your whole life?

“Sometimes when things don’t come it is a blessing in disguise.”

This has happened to me a number of times where something I thought I wanted ended up not coming to me (or going to someone else!) but later down the road I was really glad it didn’t materialize.

Maybe that job you missed out on was a blessing in disguise because your boss would have been a jerk, or your workload would have been insane.  Maybe the reason your boyfriend didn’t propose was because he’d make a crappy husband.  As some say, “thank God for unanswered prayers.”

“As soon as I get this, the hunt will be over”

The fun is all about the journey, rather than the destination.  For example, if you like to read, all of the fun is in reading the book.  Once you’ve finished the book the fun’s over, and you have to find a new book to enjoy.  The same is true of your goals, when you’ve reached them the excitement comes to a close and you have to find a new goal to go after!

Remember, the end game is often a little anti-climatic.  As soon as you get the thing you want, you will be on to the next-because we are always reaching for more.   The fun is always in the hunt, so try to enjoy it.  Taking things so seriously only sucks the fun out of the game.

Do you have any other advice on how to let go of your desires in order to manifest them more effectively? Comment below and let me know!

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Image by Randy Heinitz.  This image has been edited.



  • Dr Orgone
    Posted May 5, 2015 10:54 pm 0Likes

    I think a principle is that everybody is busy creating their own reality. Because our preferences are so diverse, it is a bit of an accomplishment to find the same vibrational frequencies, and especially impossible if our own vibrations are not stabilized in our truly best intentions.

    Perhaps it should be easier to let a disharmonious desire or belief go if we realize that this is perhaps not in our Energy Source’s and our own personal best interests or it would be manifesting, no?

    From my studies “If you are not selfish enough to deliberately align with the Energy of your Source, you have nothing to give anyway”.

  • Andrea Schulman
    Posted May 6, 2015 6:52 am 0Likes

    I like this perspective, Dr Orgone 🙂 Sometimes what we “think” we want is entirely disharmonious to our source energy! All the best-Andrea

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