Quick Law of Attraction Tip: Research Your Dreams

I’m always on the hunt for new ways to apply the Law of Attraction with success. Recently I’ve been playing around with a new idea: researching your dreams.

As it turns out, this strategy has yielded me a lot of easy progress towards many goals and desires.
If there is something you’d like to manifest in your life, use your search engine to your benefit! Look up pictures of what you want, read success stories about people who have attained what you want, or simply research what it is you want to experience.

Whether it’s a trip to the Bahamas, wealth attraction or you’re just looking for a new idea, the Google toolbar can provide you with a lot of instantaneous visceral feedback for you to focus and dwell upon.

For Example…

This morning I decided I wanted to read a new book, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to read. So, I took to Google, looking up different ideas for a good read.

Now, I didn’t find anything enticing on my Google search. However, a few minutes later I opened up Facebook. Lo and behold, the very first post in my feed was a description of a book a friend had recently read that was a perfect match to what I was looking for.

Just spending two minutes focused on my desire (a good read) was enough to allow it to come to me easily. I’ve already started reading this book and indeed it is an excellent match to what I wanted to experience.

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So, try it out! Research your dreams on Google or your favorite search engine. The focus you apply to your search will help you clarify and align with what you want.

XO, Andrea

Law of Attraction Educator

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