The Law of Attraction: Can You Really Trust Other People?

One of the themes I started exploring early with the Law of Attraction was trust. With the Law of Attraction trust is important-but could I really trust other people?

Look around today, and you’ll see all kinds of evidence of the distrust mankind has for itself.

After all, how many people do you know personally who keep a baseball bat or a gun at their nightstand?

Lockers, locks and other devices to “save” our valuables abound at work, in gyms, in hotels and theme parks.

We lock our homes with deadbolts, and then set the security alarm.

We’ve even gotten to a state where we each carry dozens of separate passwords for websites, banks, social media, etc. And we drive ourselves crazy keeping them updated with regularity.

So many of us just honestly do not trust other people in the slightest.

Now, this is understandable…

If you’ve been brought up in the 3rd dimension (as the vast majority of us have), you were born in to a world of competition, conflict and struggle.

The haves and have nots are at odds in the 3rd dimension. The light and the dark, the good and the bad, however you want to phrase it. Trust is a luxury that can’t be afforded in the 3rd dimension.

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But, here’s the good news-many of us are transitioning into higher dimensional frequencies. And in the higher realms, we unify with each other rather than divide. Conflict and turmoil are not aspects of the the higher dimensions.

Think about it, when you are in a high state of alignment-nobody is really capable of messing with you. When you are in that high flying place, things just go your way. People are nice, traffic moves swiftly, and good luck abounds.

When you are in a high flying place, you just aren’t a vibrational match to any kind of negativity at all-and this includes theft, betrayal and distrust.

Here’s something to consider…

While the locks, the guns and the baseball bats may give us a sense of security in the 3rd dimension, they simultaneously prevent us from fully stepping into the higher dimensions.

After all, if you want to reside more permanently in the higher dimensions, you have to accept each person you meet in a positive light.

To live more permanently in the higher dimensions you have to come into the resonance with the unity you have with others. You have to live in a state of peace and acceptance and a knowing that all is well.

And assuming that there are boogey men around every corner out to get you just doesn’t cultivate that inner knowing.

Now, this doesn’t mean I think you should throw away all of the safety precautions you’ve come lean on in your life. That would be overwhelming, most certainly!

The very last thing I would recommend anyone do would be to put themselves in a place of feeling insecure and unsafe. Through the Law of Attraction, feeling unsafe will place you in harms way-so if certain measures keep you feeling safe, keep them for now!

But I would encourage you to develop trust in your fellow man more fully. Some of the “less important” precautions you might want to consider abandoning, and seeing how you do without them.

I’ve personally witnessed that the less precautions I take, the safer I’ve become. The more I assume the people around me are trustworthy, the more they rise to the occasion. I don’t fear people anymore, rather I’ve come to find with this attitude those around me are looking out for me and want to help.

The more we trust each other, the higher we raise and the less we need to depend on safety precautions. It’s just something to consider, if we really want to live in a peaceful and harmonious world.

XO, Andrea (Law of Attraction Educator)

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