5 Success Lessons Learned From Robert Herjavec (VIDEO)

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Robert Herjavec is Croatian-born Canadian entrepreneur, investor and TV personality. Those based in America may recognise him as a contestant who recently got voted off ABC’s dance competition show called Dancing with the Stars. Others may recognise him from reality TV show Shark Tank, where Robert is on a panel of “shark” investors that observe business presentations from aspiring entrepreneur-contestants. If members of the panel are interested in the ideas presented to them, then they can make a deal with the contestant, who is seeking investment. All the sharks on the show invest their own money into ideas.

Besides being known for his TV appearances, Robert Herjavec’s rags-to-riches story is phenomenal. With a net-worth of around $200 million, he is proof that it doesn’t matter what your circumstances are, or how little you have, you can still become a huge success. Robert has been known to have built and sold several IT companies to huge industry names such as AT&T and Nokia. He has also released inspirational books such as ‘Driven’ and ‘The Will to Win’ – which were both Top 10 Bestsellers.

Robert is a great inspiration to many. His motivational business advice has received millions of impressions throughout various media platforms. There’s a lot to learn from him and the video in this post alone, is fantastic. The clip is from the Jeff Probst Show and was aired in February 2013. We’ve started the video from about 4 minutes in; it’s from this point till about 11 minutes where most of Robert’s wisdom is shared. Here are 5 success lessons learned from Robert Herjavec in this short inspiring video:

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1. Believe you deserve success

In the video above, Robert mentions that he worked very hard for his money and he makes no apologies for his success. He believes he is deserving of what he has. This is one of the key beliefs to have when attempting to manifest something, or even hang on to it. You must believe that you deserve whatever it is you want – this allows energy to flow to you. You must be open to receiving.

2. Be thankful and don’t complain

Robert touches on the idea of gratitude in this video. He mentions that he wakes up every day appreciating what he has; he’s as happy today as he was the day before. We’ve mentioned in many of our posts how gratitude raises your vibration so that you can receive more of the “good things.” Of course, Robert wasn’t born happy – after all, he’s had a tough upbringing. He talks about how he came home upset from school one day and his dad told him to never complain. He took these words on and instead of feeling sorry for himself, he began being more appreciative of his life. We can all do this no matter what stage of our life we’re at; there’s always something to be thankful for, whether it literally is just for waking up that day.

3. Happiness is the key to success

Following on from this, Robert states very clearly that happiness is the key to success, not the other way round. Like gratitude, feelings of joy put you in a higher state of vibration that matches the frequency of success. It might be worth reading our post on how to be happy so you can see if there’s anything you can apply to your life, so that you experience more moments of happiness.

“…the difference between successful people and people that struggle, are successful people exude joy.” – Robert Herjavec

4. Be someone that others want to know

A great thing that Robert mentions in the video is this misconception: it’s not what you know, but rather who you know. He dismisses this idea completely and suggests that it’s more about being someone that others want to know! We couldn’t agree more. We have to be in control of our lives and focus on ourselves. What can you do right now to create opportunities for yourself, despite your circumstances? Our outer world is always a reflection of our inner world, and therefore you can always be working on what’s within. Those that are generally more positive and have a vibrant personality, are usually the individuals most want to be around. Those that have a talent, invest a lot of time in perfecting their skill so that they can get noticed. You’ll hear stories about all these athletes that grew up in the slums and still made it as professionals. They weren’t all born into a network of people that would give them a chance to progress. They worked on themselves and their skills, and drew in their own opportunities. No-one can make you a success except yourself.

5. Give back

Robert mentions giving back towards the end of the video. He talks about how amazing it is for him to be able to change someone’s life completely. The act of philanthropy is one of the most important acts of our existence. Nearly all successful people give back. Of course, they can’t give to everyone, or give everything away. Yet most successful individuals will want to help those around them. Giving doesn’t have to be physical either, it can literally be something as small as giving up your time to hear someone out – something of value. Genuinely helping someone improve their life is one of the most rewarding experiences ever, as well as being great for building positive energy.

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