Simple Law of Attraction Strategy: Turning the Worst Into the Best

The other day I was on the phone with one of my coaching clients and was reminded of a simple Law of Attraction strategy I’ve used with much success.

The strategy? Turning the worst part of my day into my best!

The more you implement this strategy, the more parts of your day you’ll start to fall in love with. Eventually, you’ll be in a position where throughout your entire day you can be having fun, regardless of what you are doing.

And this is HUGE.

Why? Because so many people out there do something every single day that they absolutely loathe. Day after day, they dread dealing with the thing they feel have to do, but really have no desire to do at all.

For instance, I used to hate waking my kids up in the morning. I also used to despise doing household chores and running errands. Perhaps you can relate!

So, if you have any particular “worst parts of the day” you’d like to transform, try this on for size:

1. Identify the worst part of your day.

First off, just start with one item. Pick the one that is most frustrating.

You can certainly shift ALL of the things you don’t like about your day, but I really think it’s best to just start with one.

Starting with one item makes the process manageable. Once you have your worst part of your day turned into one of your favorites, you can always reach for another.

2. Ask yourself: What could I add to this part of the day that would make it more FUN?

If we are in the habit of experiencing a particular part of our day from a negative state of being, we’ve really gotten used to it being “not fun.”

And as soon as we have identified and labeled something as “not fun” the Law of Attraction makes it appear as if the situation is completely devoid of fun.

However, there are ALWAYS things we can do to add to any part of our day to make it more fun.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Could you turn on your favorite music, audiobook or podcast while doing it? (I’ve added this one in to doing the dishes, and other household chores.)
  • Could you enjoy a fun phone conversation with someone you love while doing it? (I’ve added this one it while grocery shopping or sitting in traffic.)
  • Could you decorate it and make it more appealing to the eye? (I’ve added this one in to liven up my workspace and make it more visually appealing while doing work.)
  • Could you make jokes while doing it? (I’ve added this one in to waking my kids up. Now we wake up with smiles and laughter.)
  • Could you use it as an opportunity to be doing something you enjoy doing more? (I’ve added this one by working on my blog while waiting at the doctor’s or dentist’s office.)

3. Implement your answers from question 3 into this part of your day.

Next, apply your discoveries to the worst part of your day. Start listening to your favorite radio station while you check your email every day, or start joking with your colleague in meetings you hate going to.

Do this consciously as much as you can until it becomes habit. And if you think of anything else you can add into the mix as you go along, feel free to add it!

4. Watch the worst part of your day turn into one of your new favorites.

The awesome part about this strategy is watching how your attitude shifts about the worst part of your day.

I’ve come to associate what used to be daily drudgery now with some of the highest peak moments in my day of inspiration, fun and excitement.

Now, I look forward to doing the dishes, because it’s my time to listen to my favorite podcasts. I look forward to plugging in and enjoying the contemplation during my chores.

Now, I absolutely love waking my kids up. It’s one of the happiest and most connected times I have with them. We get to spend some real quality time right at the beginning of the day and we start the day off on a happy note.

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So if you’ve been dreading the worst part of your day every day, try this one out! Add some fun into the routine, and watch the worst part of your day turn into one of the best.

Enjoy this simple Law of Attraction strategy. It will serve you well!

XO, Andrea (Law of Attraction Educator)

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