The Big Law of Attraction Confusion!

When it comes to understanding the Law of Attraction confusion frequently enters the picture. At least, this is usually the case early on!

And while there are a number of confusions out there about the LOA, there is one I see time, and time and time again.

What is the Big Law of Attraction Confusion?

The “Big Law of Attraction Confusion” is that people frequently choose their dreams based on FEAR rather than LOVE.

What do I mean by this?

Well, every choice that we make in life is based on fear or love. Everything we do is either in the attempt to draw us closer to what we want or in an attempt to get us away from what we don’t want.

And dreams based on getting away from what we don’t want are dreams based on fear.

For example…

Let’s say that you want to get back with your ex. He’s not the best guy in the world, and when you were together you frequently had fights and felt neglected. Regardless, at this point, you want him back!

In a situation like this, it may be that the real reason you want your ex back is because you are attempting to run away from fear, rather than towards love.

You know he’s no good for you, but you believe that having him back will prevent you from feeling the intense loneliness you currently feel.

It isn’t really him that you want, rather it’s the absence of the pain you are experiencing that you truly crave.

Any time we reach for a dream in an attempt to escape our pain or suffering, we are choosing a dream based on fear rather than love.

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Why are dreams based on fear problematic?

The predominant reason that dreams based on escaping fear are problematic is that you can NEVER escape something that is your primary motivating force.

For instance…

If you are reaching for a particular kind of career because you don’t want to be broke, a big focus you have is on being broke. Even if you establish the career, because “broke” was a part of the focus, you will find that the career doesn’t end up taking care of your financial goals the way you wanted it to.

Remember, the Law of Attraction gives you what you focus on. So if escaping a situation with limiting money is your primary focus and goal, the Law of Attraction MUST continue to keep a lack of money in your reality. It is law.

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As for our first example, if you are reaching for a partner because you don’t want to be lonely, a big focus you have is on being lonely. So, again, even if you end up getting the partner, he or she will not ultimately resolve that loneliness. This is why some people find themselves back with the same partner, but the same issues keep arising-causing the loneliness to resurface again and again.

This is something SUPER important to consider about the things you wish to manifest with the Law of Attraction. If you are going to take the time to apply your conscious direction and focus to a goal, it’s a good idea to do some inventory work first. Make sure you are reaching for love, rather than fear.

Ask yourself question this question:

“Would I want this thing I am hoping for even if it didn’t alleviate my fear (being broke, being lonely, healing my illlness, etc.)?”

In other words, even if you still had financial problems after jumping into the new career, would you still love to have the career? Even if you still felt lonely, would you want that partner back?

Dreams that are reflections of your intrinsic love and happiness are really the only ones worth applying yourself toward. Again, if your dreams are primarily based on love, the FOCUS is on love. This means that the pursuit of the goal will bring you into a higher state of resonance with love and all things wanted. It is law.

I hope this explanation was useful! Reach for those things that feel pure, happy and uplifting. Everything else only keeps us stuck on the hamster wheel we’re trying to get off of.

XO, Andrea (Law of Attraction Educator)

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    Everything is clearer now, thankks 🙂 .
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