Start Your Morning Off Right With The Law of Attraction

We’ve all had those days that were just terrible, horrible days.  Just one thing after the next goes wrong.  Those kind of days where you tell everyone “I just should have stayed in bed today.” It can be very frustrating to be caught in a day like this and feel that there is no escape.  It’s also pretty scary to never know when one of these days will occur.

Fortunately, there is an escape from these awful days.  By doing a few quick strategies in the morning, you can direct your vibrational energy in such a way that the Law of Attraction must bring you good things that day.  With a little planning in the morning, it is completely possible to rid yourself of those days that are jam-packed with stress, anger and bad luck!

The reason that you should plan to start your morning off right is because the beginning of the day is a clean slate.  You’re well rested (hopefully) and you’ve had a chance to unwind from the stresses of yesterday.  Your vibration is much more calm and peaceful than it will be by the middle of the day or the end of the day.

From this calm and peaceful vibrational starting point you will find that it is relatively easy to do a few strategies that raise your vibration even further.  If you nurture that good emotional state right from the start, the Law of Attraction will continue to bring you things that put you in an even better emotional state throughout the day.

Conversely, though you can always find a way to raise your vibration, waiting to work with the Law of Attraction until you’re having problems half way through the day isn’t the best plan. Trying to turn a bad day around in the middle of it is a lot like trying to put your car into reverse on the freeway.  It can be done, but it’s much easier to keep going forward since you’ve already gained momentum.  So start early in the day to make sure you’re traveling down the right road from the start.

Here are a few ideas to get your day started off on the right foot to set the tone for positive momentum throughout the day:

1. Choose a decent alarm.  If you need an alarm to wake you in the morning, be sure to select a tone that is pleasing.  Loud jarring noises are an extremely unpleasant way to wake up.  Pick a tone that is cheerful.

2. After you’ve woken up, stay in bed for a couple of minutes to appreciate the comfort and the good night’s sleep.  Find a fun, gradual way to fully awaken while you’re still in bed.  One thing I do during this time is open up my phone to a dream app ( to look up the meanings of my dreams from the night before; it’s a fun, easy way for me to slowly wake up.  You could also read a book, write in a dream journal or play a quick game on your phone. Just make sure that whatever it is that you are doing is a quiet activity that you enjoy.

3. As you get out of your bed and start moving into your day, take a moment to ask the Universe for something you want.  Make it your intention to have fun that day, or for your presentation to go well or for something unexpected and hilarious to happen.  This is a great thing to do because it lets the Universe know that you intend for good things to happen every single day.

4.  Meditate.  After you are fully awake and have done everything you need to do to start your day, take 5-10 minutes and do a short meditation.  You can do the traditional silent type of meditation or follow a guided meditation using headphones. Meditating helps you to recenter after getting showered and dressed or dealing with your kids in the morning.  This ensures that you are vibrationally stable before heading out into the world.

5.  Give thanks.  On your way to work, school or whatever you have going on that day, list out five things that you are thankful for, and really fully explain to yourself why you are thankful for them.  Be emotional about your gratitude to really get the wheels of appreciation in motion.

Also, try to find new things to appreciate each day so that your list stays new and fresh; saying the same thing every day will make it hard to really feel the gratitude in your heat.

6. Finally,  pick an act of kindness.  We get what we give with the Law of Attraction, so give kindness out into the world.  Before you get to work or school or start your daily routine, pick one kind thing that you are going to do that day.  Maybe plan to call your parents to say hi, give a compliment to your coworker or send a random “I love you” text to your significant other.  You can be as kind as you want every day, but set the tone for kindness by making plans to commit one kind act daily.

Practice these steps each day.  Awaken yourself gradually and peacefully, ask for what you want, meditate, give thanks and plan for kindness. Each of these six actions will help you to raise your vibration early in the day, allowing you to get on a path that is peaceful, kind and appreciative.

You will find that as time progresses you will start to see that those terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days simply disappear out of your life.  Even better, you will begin to expect a great day every day!

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