By nature, the Law of Attraction is very simple: what you think about and feel about you will bring about.  However, just because the Law of Attraction is simple, doesn’t mean that everybody has the correct assumptions about it.

Some of the common beliefs that we have about the Law of Attraction lead us to misuse it, and this can keep us from manifesting our realities the way that we really want to.  Unfortunately, some people will be completely turned off by the Law of Attraction simply because they believed a common, inaccurate assumption about it.

Below are two common Law of Attraction myths. Understanding these two points will help you manifest much more easily:

1. You must have a burning desire for your wish to come true: YES, you probably do have a burning desire for many of your wishes, however the process of utilizing the Law of Attraction requires you to detach from your desires.

The greater your desire, the more attached you are to the outcome.  The more attached you are to the outcome, the more you are telling the universe “I don’t have this yet! Hurry up!” which is a signal that you are fixated on not having what you want. A burning desire means that you are focused on the fact that your wish hasn’t come true yet, so the universe will respond by continuing not to deliver your wish.

Instead of caring so deeply, visualize what you want, drum up some good feelings about the subject and then let it go. Make it OK for it not to be there.

You can tell yourself things like “I’ve been running around this planet without this thing I want for my whole life, so I’ll be just fine if it never comes,” or “it’s just something I want, I don’t really need it.”

This is what is often called the “Power of Paradox;” as soon as you let it be OK not to have what you want, it will appear. Your ability to detach from outcomes is the true predictor of how fast you can intentionally create your reality.

2. You MUST think about what you want: Because we understand that what we think about we attract we often literally translate this into “to attract what I want I must think about it!

YES, whatever you are thinking about will become part of your reality, but HOW it manifests depends on the types of thoughts you are having.

Say for example you are down on your luck and about to file for bankruptcy.  Thinking about money will certainly attract your finances into the spotlight of your life, but if those thoughts evoke negative feelings from you the money situation you will attract will not be the one you want.  Looking at pictures of money, visualizing wealth and abundance or talking about how rich you will be someday will probably not work in your favor because on the inside you will likely feel uncomfortable with these thoughts and actions.

In cases where you are feeling extraordinary lack in some area of your life, it is actually better not to think about the situation at all in order to turn it around.  In this example, if you were to distract yourself from the subject of money you would eventually stall out the downward spiral into poverty.

Over time, the negative momentum would fade and you would find yourself in a more neutral place on the subject.  When you felt neutral about money you could begin to try to reach for good thoughts and feelings.  Until you reached this place of neutrality you would do better to  shift your focus to another area of your life that you were happy about to allow that happiness to improve your overall frequency vibration.

Revise your definition of the Law of Attraction to say “to attract what I want I must think and feel good about it or not think about it at all.” If you can’t feel good about it in the moment, leave it alone!

To conclude, If you are able to internalize these key aspects of the Law of Attraction, you will be able to speed up the process of manifesting. Understanding that you don’t need to feel a burning desire and you don’t need to think about things that make you uncomfortable will take an enormous burden off your shoulders.  Letting go of these common Law of Attraction myths will help you take life less seriously, go with the flow and enjoy the ride. All you really have to do is relax!

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