Many people learn about the Law of Attraction, but then they struggle to manifest their dreams.  Although they try to be positive and focus on the things they want, they still find that they just can’t get into the groove of using the Law of Attraction effectively.  The good news is that this is usually caused by small mistakes that are very easily corrected!

Here are three common mistakes that people make when trying to consciously apply the Law of Attraction. If you’ve been struggling to manifest your dreams, see if any of these roadblocks apply to you.  With just a little bit of tweaking, you may find that your ability to consciously manifest improves dramatically.

1. Starting too big: When you first learn about the Law of Attraction, it may be tempting to immediately try to manifest your biggest dreams, like earning million dollars, finding a great relationship or retiring at a young age.  However, our biggest dreams are usually the ones we are furthest away from vibrationally.  That’s why big dreams are so big- they feel almost unbelievable! 

Trying to achieve an “almost unbelievable” dream is very challenging.  This is not because it’s impossible or hard for the universe to deliver it, but rather because you don’t believe that it can happen!  If you don’t believe it can happen, it isn’t going to happen.  You must first find a way to believe.

It’s much easier to start out by trying to manifest little things because you won’t be so hung up on the outcome.  After seeing the universe deliver little things, you will start to gain confidence in its ability to deliver big things. With practice, the big dreams will start to seem possible.

 For a couple of ways to start small to build faith in the process, check out this article.

2. Insisting on the path: For your dream to come true, you must let go of it and allow the universe to bring it back to you in the best possible way. 

Insisting that your dream comes true in a very specific manner adds stress to your vibe.  Your attempt to control the situation will cause you anxiety, and anxiety is a lower vibrational emotion that keeps your dreams from manifesting.

For example, if you want to have more money, please don’t decide that the only way this can happen is for you to get a promotion at work.  Allow the universe to decide how the wealth comes back to you; maybe you’ll buy a winning lottery ticket, find a valuable collectible at a garage sale, or perhaps a stranger will simply hand you a bag full of cash on the street.

Anything is possible!  Be receptive to all of the possibilities. 

You must trust that the universe will deliver your dreams in the easiest and most beneficial way.  Don’t cut yourself off from the best possible plan! Know what you want, but allow it to come the way it needs to come.  You have to go with the flow if you want the Law of Attraction to work in your favor.  

3. Improper use of affirmations: Many people who are learning about the Law of Attraction have heard that using affirmations is a great way to manifest their dreams. 

For those who have never heard of an affirmation, it is simply a short, powerful statement that you tell yourself repeatedly to direct your thoughts in a positive direction.  For example, “I am loved,” “things always go my way,” or “I am wealthy and abundant” are all positive affirmations you could use to direct your thoughts.

Affirmations can work wonderfully, but only when they are used properly.

For example, if you are broke right now, telling yourself “I am wealthy and abundant” will probably not make you feel good. If anything, it will amplify your feelings of being broke, because you feel like you’re lying to yourself.  If you struggle with money, then all this affirmation will do is remind you that you don’t have as much of it as you want.

If an affirmation doesn’t make you feel good, please do not use it! It will not work if it makes you feel guilty, anxious, angry or depressed because when you have these emotions you are moving in the wrong direction.  Feelings like this indicate that you are focused on not having your dream. If you are focusing on not having your dream, the universe will continue to bring you a reality where you don’t have your dream.

Instead, make a habit of only using affirmations that actually AFFIRM true blessings in your life.  Going back to our example, instead of affirming the wealth and abundance you don’t have, you could affirm the small financial blessings that you do have.

So, perhaps the next time a you find a dollar in the street or a friend buys you lunch you could affirm “the universe brought me money” or “people are taking care of me today.”   These are affirmations that you could believe in and feel good about, because you just witnessed evidence of them.

Over time, these smaller affirmations will attract larger things to be grateful for and affirm.  Start by affirming what you are already thankful for before you move forward to bigger and better. 

Again, sometimes people are very close to manifesting their dreams, but their technique is just slightly off. Fortunately, mistakes like these are usually very easy to correct.  What other Law of Attraction mistakes have you seen or heard about?

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Photo Credit: “Gratitude” by John Hain. Some Rights Reserved.




  • Aditya Narayan
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    Thanks for this purpose full message.

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    Thank you for your feedback, Aditya!

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    Wow! This has opened my eyes to how I should be using the Law of Attraction. It makes perfect sense. Thank you! I am enjoying your articles.

  • Andrea Schulman
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    Thank you for your kind words Aremisa! Best wishes to you 🙂

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    Beautifully explained. Thanks a lot.

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    Thank you VKR-I really appreciate your comment. 🙂

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    great little tips, thanks!

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