Many people find when they first start learning how to use the Law of Attraction that there is a lot of “unlearning” that they have to do in order to make it work for them.  This is because society has taught us to think and act in exactly the opposite way that we need to think and act in order to use the Law of Attraction effectively. 

Whether this conditioning is by design or by accident is debatable.  There are many people out there who believe that this “secret” is kept away from the masses purposefully, but you may or may not agree.  Regardless of the intention behind this social conditioning, it is evident that these four things occur in our society and work against our efforts to consciously use the Law of Attraction. 

1. Assimilation: Perhaps one of the most unfortunate messages we learn as we grow up is that we are expected to “fit in” in order to assimilate to the group.

We are taught that there are respectable professions (like becoming a doctor or an accountant) and respectable lifestyle choices (like marrying into a heterosexual, monogamous union).  We nod in approval when our children get accepted into college or have a baby in their mid-twenties after getting married.

Those individuals who reach for alternative careers (like becoming an artist or a psychic-medium) and alternative lifestyles (like marrying into a homosexual or polygamous union) are usually considered deviants who are irresponsible or even morally corrupt.  We cringe and complain when our children fail to gain employment or tattoo and pierce their bodies.

This message of conformity leads many young people to abandon their inner talents and beliefs to get on the same treadmill that everyone else is on. Trying to be like everyone else is a surefire way to have difficulty creating the life that you want.

To use the Law of Attraction most effectively, you must believe that you can (and should!) make any of your dreams come true-no matter how different they are.

2. The Mainstream Media: Turn on a television today and you will see a massive amount of negative energy radiating out of it.  News and television programming that focus on disaster, violence and backstabbing abound.

Mastering the Law of Attraction requires that one is continuously reaching for positive thoughts, feelings and actions.  It’s not easy to be uplifted and happy when we are chronically exposing ourselves to negativity.

3. The Legal System: Don’t get me wrong, I don’t take issue with (most) police officers.  I realize that many people who work in the legal system really do wish to “serve and protect” and are people who genuinely care about others.  This issue isn’t because of the individuals working in the legal system, but rather because of the structure of the larger system itself.

It’s obvious that there are too many rules and regulations out there that stifle our choices, movement and creativity.  It’s hard for someone to believe that they have unlimited potential and possibility when they have been conditioned to believe many of life’s choices are absolutely and unequivocally “wrong,” as defined by the law.

Is there any real purpose to all of these millions of rules and laws, beyond training us to believe that right and wrong should only be decided by our governments? Doesn’t our intuition already provide us with the proper guidance to handle our dilemmas?  For example, do we honestly believe that the reason we choose not to kill people is because the law tells us not to?

It just doesn’t make sense for us to make our choices (moral or otherwise) based on a limited institution like the legal system, when we already have access to infinite wisdom within ourselves.   While the legal system often trains people away from trusting their inner guidance,  in order to master the Law of Attraction, we must be skilled at listening to (and following) our intuition.

4. The Education System: As a former educator, I could go on and on here, so I’ll try to keep it short!  The education system is much like the legal system in that it’s largest accomplishment has been defining the box that we get to sit in.

To encourage people to create their realities, we should be encouraging free thought and creativity.  This is how we  “take thought beyond where it has been before” (as Abraham-Hicks would say).

However, students are not encouraged to think freely, and they are not encouraged to be creative.  Instead, they are taught to regurgitate information, sit still, raise their hands to speak and walk at the bell.  How is a young person supposed to intentionally create their reality and at the same time follow this inflexible regime?

Again, much like in the case of the legal system, I do not take issue with the people working in the schools (like teachers or guidance counselors).  I know firsthand that many teachers want to encourage creativity and free thought, but if they make this their daily focus they will be going against the system and will risk possible disciplinary action or even termination.

As you can see, our social conditioning in many ways has trained us against the Law of Attraction.  Most of us have spent our whole lives being trained to be like everyone else, while watching negative ideas play out in the media and blindly following the rules of the legal and education systems.  The limiting thinking society encourages from us ultimately makes it challenging for us to create our realities exactly as we want them to be. It takes a lot of “unlearning” to really free our minds and realize our unlimited potential. 

The good news is that things are changing.  The simple fact that we are having this discussion indicates that we are starting to understand and share the news that we do have unlimited potential.  As more and more people start to talk about and share this type of information, this rigid structure that we have boxed ourselves into will start fall like the house of cards it is.  We are evolving towards that point, and it’s exciting to be a part of the change.

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  • pankaj
    Posted February 13, 2015 1:19 pm 0Likes

    Your articles are amazing…food for the soul!!

  • Andrea Schulman
    Posted February 13, 2015 1:27 pm 0Likes

    Thank you! I really appreciate that 🙂

  • M. R. Foti
    Posted June 12, 2018 9:26 am 0Likes

    I agree so much with everything that is written in this post! It’s incredibly sad how society suppresses the individual creativity. And the negative programming in the media is very difficult to avoid. I found that sometimes it’s better to avoid tv, radio and news websites all together. My life has gotten better since I focused on what really mattered.

  • Andrea Schulman
    Posted June 12, 2018 1:03 pm 0Likes

    Yes, avoidance altogether can be quite useful at times can’t it ?

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