8 Choices You Can Make Today For a Better Tomorrow

Are you looking forward to a brighter future? Though many of us want to have better lives in the future, we tend to act similarly each day, and this keeps us from making the significant progress we want to make.  We often talk to the same people every day, do the same tasks week to week and get complacent with our actions and words.   Instead of making choices that propel us forward, we tend to make the same default decisions again and again.  So for a better tomorrow, why not make some new, conscious choices? 

If you’d like to make strides forward, here are choices you can make today for a better tomorrow.  Pick a few of the items from this list to ramp up your positive energy, increase the fun in your life and move you in the direction of your goals and dreams.

1. Choose to smile and connect with a couple of people you would usually ignore

Make eye contact with a stranger and smile and nod in passing.  Wave at the neighbor you’ve never talked to before as you drive by.  Make a small effort to spread a little more love and light to a few people you would ordinarily ignore.  By sharing a little more love, more love will make its way back to you, and you’ll brighten someone else’s day at the same time.

2. Choose to let your true self be seen at least once today

Many of us have become emotional robots.  We stifle our laughter, hide our smiles, cry in private and bite our tongues.  We do these things in an effort to “fit in,” but as a result we often adopt a limiting belief that people won’t like us or will think negatively of us if we let our true selves shine through. This can keep us from being who we really are and living authentic lives.

If this describes you, resolve to come out of your shell at least once a day. Tell someone your honest opinion, let a friend see you break down or laugh at something you find funny, even if you are afraid others will think you are inappropriate.  With a little bit of practice letting people see the true you, you will start to become more comfortable being your authentic self out in public.  

If you are very used to hiding your thoughts and emotions, the first couple of tries might be a bit difficult, but the more uncomfortable you are at first the more liberated you will feel when you come out of hiding.  Giving yourself permission to be who you really (no matter who’s around) are can be a highly empowering feeling.

3. Choose to hand out a few sincere compliments today

When we give compliments and kind words, we attract more of the same back to us, so be liberal with compliments!  When you see someone achieve something they’ve been striving for, wearing a particularly nice outfit or doing something noteworthy, take a quick moment to let them know you are impressed! 

Kindness builds good karma.  It also ensures others will be happy for your successes! 

4. Choose to do something on your “to do” list you’ve been putting off

Progress occurs when we step a little bit out of our comfort zones and do something we know in our hearts we want to be doing.  So pick one of the things you’ve been avoiding and do it.  It doesn’t have to be a big step, it just has to be something that has been weighing on your mind and you’ve been wanting to get done. 

 One small step in the direction of progress every day is enough to get the momentum moving for you to accomplish your goals and get where you really want to be in life.

5. Choose to do something fun for yourself, even if you are busy

Some people drag through life day after day, and wait to have any fun until all of their work is done.  Sometimes this means they only have fun on the weekends, while on vacation, or sometimes not ever at all!  The thing is, there will always be more work to do (no matter how much you get done today) so there will always be a reason to wait to have fun. 

So, if we want to have fun lives, we have to choose to have fun every day.  Take a break from the work, chores and errands and watch a funny video, meet a friend for lunch, play with your kids or sign up for a class you’ve been wanting to take.  Send a message to the universe that you expect to have fun in your life today and you will attract more fun into your life tomorrow.

6. Choose to help someone today, without expecting anything in return.

We get what we give in this life, so give as much as you can.  Give directions to someone who looks lost, help someone pick up the papers they dropped on the floor or offer an unsolicited favor to a friend or relative.  Make a choice each day to give to someone else, without expecting them to do anything in return. 

Why is it important to give without expectation? Expectation lowers the power of giving, because it is conditional generosity (“I’ll do for you if you do for me”).  When we offer conditional generosity, we get the same from others, and we find ourselves trapped in a cycle of obligation.

7. Choose to forgive someone who’s made you angry, annoyed, hurt or upset

A lot of us tend to get upset with other people throughout the day.  It’s easy to get annoyed at the person who is blocking your cart at the grocery store, or at the kid who’s being loud and obnoxious at the restaurant.  It’s normal to get a little angry when you get cut off in traffic, or someone says something insulting about you.

However, holding hate in our hearts only lowers our vibrational energy and attracts more unwanted circumstances.  So pick at least one person today who has wronged you and let them off the hook, not because it’s ok for them to act the way they’ve acted, but because your quality of life will improve when you forgive and forget.

8. Choose to make at least one wish for the future

If we want a better life for ourselves we must intend it!  Rather than moving from one day to the next without daring to dream, take a moment each day to make a quick wish.  It could be a huge wish like “I want to meet my soulmate” or a small wish like “I want to have an easy day at work.”  Start wishing more, and you will start receiving more.

There are lots of choices we can make today to build a better tomorrow for ourselves.  Do you already make any of the choices above? If so, which ones?  Comment below and let me know!

XO, Andrea

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