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    Andrea I’ve been following you since the beginning! You’ve proven this works to me in my own life and in yours-congratulations on all of your successes-I see how far you’ve come.

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    I am worried I will lose friends and family if the money comes. Everyone I know is just getting by when things go well for me I see them get jealous. Any tips??????

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    I really want to believe it.

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    WOW this is another amazing video ! I LOVE your advice and tips ! And you actually answered the question I wanted to ask about inspired action, so that’s perfect. Thank you so much

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    Question for you! How do you address people when they overspend their money on frivolous things (or “labels”) they don’t need. (They’re clearly NOT practicing the LOA!) They are in lack for sure. But when they hear your words of “think of how a person with double their wealth would think and act”, they would say that someone with twice their money WOULD spend it on these frivolous things. Sigh! They seem to twist this to serve their own purposes. But I’m not sure how to address that mentality! Any advice? It’s exasperating!

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    Andrea thank you for the great tips, what are something I can do to start feeling I was worth twice as much without spending extra?

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    Hi Andrea

    Long-time follower here 🙂 through your guidance and wisdom using the LOA I have totally transformed my life! And it’s getting better and better everyday!

    Thank you for sharing this with us! I truly appreciate it!! I overcame so many obstacles that I thought were unsurmountable and I dropped a dress size which I Didn’t think I would Ever do!

    So You are Awesome Girl! Keep on keeping on!


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    Great video! I absolutely believe and have lived ‘all news is good news’ – it’s a challenge at times when going through life situations that are overwhelming. Holding steady with that belief can and does make all the difference: in finances, health & well being, life situations…we can’t control events that happen to us (or should I say for us), we CAN drive the response to them. Thank you, Andrea.

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    Great video! Just goes to show how changing your mindset, or thoughts, really can change your life.

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    My question would be how can I use LOA being on a fixed income. I was forced to retire early because of an illness and am on early Social Security and a small pension.

    Thank you for all you do to helps us.

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    Hi Andrea ,

    Thanks for these videos . I am interested in the examples of “acting as if ” . This can be a great

    tool to use as long as one keeps this belief in mind. Correct me if I am wrong ; While you have the

    belief to take action while ‘ acting as if ‘ and it does not work the way you want I will get out

    of alignment . Please advise . Thanks , Lee

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    Wow!! Your talk took me back to my childhood and how I wouldn’t be who I am today if I didn’t believe and take action. Thank you for this and the reminder to keep positive thoughts!

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    How can I attract a house or better apartment without having the money?

    Also, I did the duck exercise 4 days ago and still have not manifested one. Due to that, I’m becoming a bit doubtful about my ability to manifest.

    Thank you so much for your efforts and eagerness to help others.

    Much appreciation,

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    Hi Andrea,

    I sent a question yesterday, but it is not here. Why is that?


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    Thanks for the 2nd video. Really digging them. I just want to provide feedback because you asked and I would want feedback if I were posting videos.

    The take away from today’s video:

    All News Is Good News


    When faced with a financial question, think & act from the standpoint that I’m twice as wealthy.

    Both are very interesting splits from my current thinking. I will start doing this.

    What does someone do whose thinking is so ingrained in the old thinking? Do I just keep repeating the mantra until that subsides?

    Thanks for the lesson!


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    Lol! Even if I was worth twice as much it wouldn’t change my life!
    I am not tech savvy!
    How can I put that on my iPhone with having to remove the picture I currently have?
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    Thank you!

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    Hi Andrea I am 71 and live in Japan 50 years
    And divorced long ago
    I like your training because it’s similar with what I learn in my Buddhist teaching ,but my life is a up and down in my income as I work with talent jobs here ,and my age now doesn’t
    Help much , I did the duck visualization and got it a few times and after that got good jobs ,but I want financial abundance so I am glad I met you thank you so much !
    Thought + action = Believe

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    What a great mantra!

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    Hi, thanks for sending me your videos. I want abundance not just for wealth. I want abundance in health, getting things done, etc… I hope this makes sense. How do I do that?

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    Hi, On the first exercise, I imagined a duck, but instead of the duck, my husband keys that were lost appeared the next day.

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    All news is good news? Food for thought.
    Thanks Andrea.

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    News. It is the word “news”. After deep contemplation, my issue is, the integrity of the word “news”.
    Real world events do not allow me to accept “all news as good news”.
    Based on the lack of integrity within “news” networks (insert reason here); heretofore, “all news is good news”, resonants as propaganda.
    Trust has been violated with the news.

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    Thank you Andrea! I am so grateful to have found you. You have helped me more than I can express in words. You are a beautiful soul and brilliant mind and the world is a better place with you in it. I hope your day is full of smiles

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    I loved all of your examples, especially the one where you show up as that wealthy version of yourself.. NOW 😊

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    I love this Andrea. I have worked with the natural elements for years now, and your story about the washing machine overflowing made me smile. The water element, a feminine element, the well, the wealth, overflowing in your home in this case would be a representation of your overflowing wealth. Even if maybe at the time it didn’t look that way. Which is why it made since that you said, “All news is good news” afterwards. I have for a while viewed health and well being as a sign of good fortune, to have a strong and healthy body, mind, and spirit is connected to being well, the wealth, that energy when flowing can spread, share, and overflow into the world. I am working on a Goddess Fitness package for women to embody the sacred Goddess within through a variety of dance, yoga, meditation and other practices.

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    I saw a duck haha but it wasn’t the typical one i thought in my head. it was a actual duck even though i live in Miami there are ducks everywhere i actually stumbled upon this one on tik tok. Not sure if that would count cause i did picture a yellow rubber ducky that squeaks. “All News Is Good News”

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    I just recently found you on YT and I am so glad I did because the way you teach LOA makes so much sense to me. My biggest problem is staying in the place of believing. I can so often feel good about things for awhile and stay in higher vibration. And then it crashes and I have the hardest time getting back there. Can’t wait for the next video.

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    I visualized a drum went to sleep didn’t think about it I was giggling cause where would I see a drum? Anyway two days later my sister text me n set me a funny video from Instagram and low n behold a guy walks by in the background holding n beating a drum 😂

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    My cup is never half full or half empty,… it always overflows. Here is a link to thoughtful video which you might enjoy and it has to do with your today’s topic : ) “Be yourself,… everyone else is taken”



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    All News is good News!!
    Your awesome .

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    Thank you Andrea.

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    Wow! I have an on-going issue of roots in my plumbing. I originally had a bathroom remodeled in order to address the root issue by having the pipes repaired. After 3 years, it’s still occurring and every 3 months, I have to call a plumber to remove roots. I’m going to STAY POSITIVE and manifest a better solution and gain abundance❤😉🙏🙏🙏

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    Thanks So much Andrea
    This is just wnat i have been looking for
    for the past 30 years
    i have lived a life of consolation
    many bad things have happend to me
    that i was still remembering till date
    but because of this teaching
    i have decided to start living positive
    at all cost
    am so greatful for this

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    Beautiful. All news is good news. Genius. Well done Andrea. I love the way you linked this abundance message with the larger message of our life’s purpose. All news is good news. We go through things for a reason. Being rich or wanting to be rich doesn’t mean only good things will happen to us. Earth is a school after all and we are here to experience, to learn, love and manifest.

    Thank you Andrea. You have a very relaxed and relatable way of teaching. Thanks you and well done.

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    I think you already know I admire, appreciate, & really enjoy your “on screen” persona. Someone who one likes, and wants to watch is special indeed. Dear Andrea has that. My best to you.

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    I just wanted to say I enjoy your videos. This last one will be added to my list of positive repeat reminders”All News is good News”, and will keep saying that it, because I want to be positive all the time. The Blessings will come and all the Abundance. I’ve added All things are possible because I truly believe it I am already experiencing the mindset and I’m actually excited. Thank you for your positive energy.

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    Thanks Andrea! Another great on point video! I am about to leave my steady position of over 10 years. I changing careers and I am so nervous about this. I know that starting over means going back to an entry level salary. How can I think differently about this. It is so daunting for me.

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    Hi Andrea,

    This second video about all news is good news is a bit challenging for me. I’m a cancer survivor ( which I am grateful to GOD that I am a survivor) it came back a second time and thru the drama I decided to do a double mastectomy. I’m healthy, nothing complicated, and really lived my life normal. I really have been blessed. The only confusion is seeing what positive lesson I can grab from this. Yes, I survived it, yes, it was not a complicated issue ( as others), I’m healthy but there has to be a bigger lesson to learn. I eat healthier, no added sugars and I’ve released stress but I’m not sure I’ve got the big lesson out of this yet. Or, maybe I have and I’m just expecting to see a bigger lesson out of it.
    Is there a different way I should think?


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    Thank u so much dear fr ur guidance… M so happy n grateful dat u r my coach .. pls tell me more about how to attract money nd how to get dream home , financial freedom wen u r struggling from every side

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    Looking forward to your next video

    All the best!


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    Beautiful video, thank you
    All news are good news – my new mantra and i loove it
    Looking forward for next one.. 💰 iissues and stability ❤️🌺

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    Powerful comments when you talk about our pasts and outcomes – no matter what. Akin to … from pain will come pleasure. Nice series

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    My house has been foreclosed on by the bank. I am manifesting a miracle, the money to pay off the mortgage and keep the house. Any suggestions on how to speed things up?

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    Wow Andrea! These are superrrb insights! I just loved them ! And those things can be included as a part of the quantum jumping process which can be more fun! Thankyou for the video!!

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    That’s a great mantra, changing all about our life’s before knowing it

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    Omg Andrea….this is amazing. ” what if I was worth twice as much” that puts such a spin on everything. A good spin. Thank you

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    This video is amazing! You are a SUPER ANGEL! Thank you, Andrea!

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    Hi Andrea—I am a long-time fan of yours. I fall asleep listening to your videos at night. I have manifested many good things that I am am grateful for: my husband and I are healthy, we have a great relationship, and we are in good shape financially. However, we have one son who is autistic and one son who is an addict in recovery. Even if he stays in recovery, he has ADD, severe depression, and immaturity although he is in his late 20s. I have tried visualizing these two as healthy, happy, prosperous individuals. I don’t know what else I can to improve their situations which are affecting me as well.

  • Rita
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    Hi Andrea, thank you so much for the practical tips to get better in manifesting and finally believing that I am worth it.
    Since I found you on YouTube, I begin to see the coincidences that occur and already some amazing things happened just
    because I am relaxing and letting go of the worries I had.
    Looking forward to the next video.

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    Just exactly what I needed to hear today!

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    Exactly what I needed to hear today! I recently lost my job and am struggling to meet the requirements for unemployment or to find another job. I’ve been playing the “poor, poor pitiful me” song over and over in my head. I’m sure that changing that to “all news is good news” will make all the difference. Thank you

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    I am so grateful this came to me. Thank you!!!

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    All news is good news.
    Everyday in everyday, I’m getting better and better.
    Don’t sit on the surface of mind where it’s noisy, sink to depths in the stillness to hear truth.
    Thankful for mantras! ☮️

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    Thanks Andrea this was a question I recently needed to answer in my own life.

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    I feel like I’ve won the lottery.

    ‘All news is good news’

    And you are so casual about these MASSIVE gems you drop!

    These examples are so powerful!!

    OMG…YOU are my manifestation.Im soooo appreciating you Ms.Andrea!

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    Amazing I am loving hearing your talks. You have touched my heart and I am loving it. Thanks so much for sharing. All news is good news. LOVE IT

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    Beautiful and valuable tools, Andrea! Thank you

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    you make it so easy to understand. thank you so much
    my Q is:
    how to stop thinking about what is? how to stop looking for the manifesting to show up for me
    why manifesting isn’t still happening for me.

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    Thank you so much Andrea, it’s very understandable in the way you explain it. I will start practice because all news is good news 🙏 thank you

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    I fell July 2021 an has been unable to go back to work. Broke my hip but other problems followed me. I have no income an my sister a pensioner has to provide for me. At first I was very mad but as time went on I became thankful, not for what happened but I could take a well deserved break from working for 48yrs. 2days ago I said Lord thankyou for giving me this time that I could have met all my life coaches who has turned my thoughts from limited beliefs. So Andrea I say thankyou as all news is good news.

  • Kim
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    I absolutely love how you explain so clearly you are amazing. Thank you for your guidance.

    Question: How long does it take for our brains to fully adapt to positive thinking for every situation we face. X

  • Sal Moley
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    All news is good news! This reminded me of the time I had to make an emergency landing in a small plane when I ran out of gas due to dense fog and couldn’t land at Kansas City Municipal airport. I ended up landing in a field which damaged the airplane but I was ok. I decided to quit that flying job. After I got back home, a friend of my mother paid off my credit card of $900. It was the good news that came from the bad news. Your point well taken Andrea……..Sal : )

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    Thank you so much for this one Andrea!

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    Dear Andrea,
    I have now followed and seen past many teachers.
    But you really know how to explain it all perfectly!
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  • Joanna
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    I will try to implement the techniques in my day to day life! Thank you 😊

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