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    When are you going to do a Facebook LIVE???

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    You helped me get sober. I am forever in your debt. Infinite thanks!

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    Hi Andrea I am your #1 fan on insta! Please tell me how to manifest LARGER sums. I’ve been able to manifest smaller amounts like up to few hundred but wanting to see MORE!

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    you are better than Abraham hicks 100 percent thank you

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    Ummm since finding you I now see rubber ducks like everywhere. Let’s do it on cash LOL

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    Hi! Thanks for sharing these awesome videos! I’m a Yoga Teacher and in my practice, I set spiritual intentions for the day. Can I incorporate LOA intentions the same day, such when I’m doing my morning meditation practice? I don’t want to cause conflict with several intentions at once.
    Take care,

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    Thank you Andrea! So very appreciated! Excellent series

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    Love these videos! I found the last suggestion in the previous video really helpful this week thank you so much.

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    Wow this is another amazing video, very practical steps to do, I LOVE this! I can’t thank you enough for sending the code, I’ll start to implement abundant thoughts and actions right away ! So grateful for you <3

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    Thank You Andrea!

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    My question (and problem) is about deadline. I know I am an abundant person, and everyday I cultivate gratitude and appreciation, but I still have quite resistance towards a steady stream of money. Currently I plan a trip with my friend and even though I trust I could attract enough money due that day (June), but there are things that need to be paid now and it’s difficult for me to trust and have faith, because I keep remembering that I don’t have enough right now. I almost gave up today, but my friend gave me some time to think it over. How can I get around this?

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    You da best Andrea!! Way to put everything in layman‘s terms

    P.s. I only started working with the law of attraction 1.5 years ago (your videos helped a ton!) and since then so much has changed. Bought a house, big checks and bonuses keep coming in…love it!! It’s all about gaining momentum in the other direction 💕

    Love to you all, Kate

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    Hi Andrea I know this will be a question that other people figure out, I got the code for the abundance kit but I can’t find the kit or is it all the Abundance videos? Thanks and you are helpful to me and I am so grateful for your guidance! Love everything you put on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram!

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    Another terrific video. Thank you so much Dear One.
    Looking forward to getting the info on the tool kit. I hope it’s something I’ll be able to get.
    Blessings and gratitude,
    Colleen ✨

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    thank you

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    Your videos get better and better every day. Today’s video was especially helpful as I have the time, and will, prioritize my abundance thought/action daily.
    Thank you, Andrea

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    Can you please elaborate on the various strategies that you rotate between when you are adding logs to the fire?

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    Looking forward to it, definitely could use this thank you

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    Holy cow this is totally working!! I’m going to school for business right now and Grant money just keeps pouring into my account! $4500 in the last week AND all of my school expenses are paid! This is so amazing and I am so grateful!! I wasn’t expecting any of it. I just keep watching your videos and following your advice. Thank you so much Andrea!!

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    I feel abundant and practice abundance thoughts. I journal and meditate.

    I’m curious to know… How do you react in a situation when close people, a spouse or neighbor comes along saying all the broke nonsense stories?

    With all my inner knowing that it’s not true, though sometimes, I find myself finding some random negative thought to relate. 🙈 I suppose making conversation and connecting. I have felt into these situations after and don’t want to feed into the negative cycle.

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    Hi Andrea! LOA led me to your facebook page right on time! 😀 Thank you so much for sharing those insights with all of us! I am, actually, starting to remember my worth and the stream of abundance that has always been flowing. I feel that is time for me to step in. And with your help and the help of Abraham’s teachings I know I’ll be ok. So, thanks again. Looking forward to your next video 🙂

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    I interpret from your teachings, is to focus on the forefront of “your” own belief. This, has most definitely helped me in my own process of self preservation. I have been a mess and when the universal energy brought forth your presence; this has been quite rewarding for me. Thank you so very much and please, continue exuding your energy.

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    Hi Andrea , thank you again for these inspirational videos .
    Would you please guide me how I keep my radars active in order to change my life path to make an income besides the way I used to make it and brought so much of unhappiness ?

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    ありがとう! Danke sehr! daw-dyeh! Toda 😁

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    Andrea, do thankful for your videos, life changing! Practice, practice, practice! I see results, mainly in the way I see abundance and the way I want my family to see it!!

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    Thanks for sharing your videos. They are awesome.

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    It truly does work!
    Thinking abundant and taking action is necessary. Feeling abundant and acting abundant is the magnet that drowse it to you!
    Thank you Andrea

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    Its a kinda MAGIC ! Thank you!

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    Hi there! Thank you for your videos! I love how you explain things. I am wondering how you overcome beliefs that no longer serve you? I desire financial freedom and haven’t lined up with it yet!! Thanks

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    This was a truly amazing series, thank you. I am very interested in the abundance kit, waiting (not so) patiently!

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    Any suggestions on closing more deals as a real estate agent? I’m still in the game to hit my 2020 goal in spite of COVID, but I’m further behind than I’d like to be at this point in the year.

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    I’ve really enjoyed this series. #gratitude

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    Hello I love love your work.
    My question is … For all these things to work for you/ family do you do it alone or does your family or husband do it with me. Basically is one believer enough to provide for the whollllle family or should every one be on the same page ?
    Thank you in advanced

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    I am finding your videos so helpful. They are really life changing. Thank you 😊

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    I’m so believing in my online business. I can feel myself getting ready to quit my 9-5!

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    With love,

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    I love it! Thanks so much.
    What if youʻre surrounded by people that are in their own panic about lack? My work position is ending in a year (yay!) and others in my job are in panic mode and I see them everyday in zoom meetings…

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    I’m so grateful for and admiring of the work you are doing – I am starting my own – different initiative – called Calm Unity Practices – literally just creating it now – my vision however is to provide links through my platform to experts in complementary fields – naturally I thought of you. I may be being premature in reaching out to you now but hey – taking action 🙂. Let me know if this opportunity is of interest and maybe we could chat sometime.

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    I’m so excited to learn I’m on “the list” as I listened to this from an email I got from you today!
    Your videos are definitely having an impact in that as I start thinking negative thoughts, I’m getting better and better about NOT going down that rabbit hole!
    Thank you so much!

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    I’m so grateful for the abundance that you have given for us. Thank you very much, Andrea. 😍 Greetings from Indonesia. 🙏

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    Thank U so much for Ur wonderful inspirations! The information is much appreciated!

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    What if you can attract the money but have issues keeping it? Like spending it all

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    Hi Andrea. Thanks for these videos. They are very helpful. I have been able to manifest some really wonderful things in my life using LOA, HOWEVER, it seems that with money, something has always been keeping me from hitting that really big financial “HOME RUN” if you know what I mean.

    I can pray for God to help me with money, and sure enough, I will get a little extra unexpected money coming in. Or I can really practice things like abundance hypnosis DVDs, meditation on LOA, etc., and sure, I notice some nice little things coming my way.

    But as far as something like finding a great literary agent to represent me (I am an author), or getting a huge book deal (even though my books are great, even groundbreaking in some cases), or otherwise “hitting that financial home run,” so far, it hasn’t happened for me (yet).

    I am keeping at it.


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    It is interesting to me; the theory is one thing the implementing is another. This is true in any aspect of life. Learning is by doing. I have found by going over the theory it is clear most of the time but the act of it is not always what I perceive it to be because of my subconscious beliefs. This video is very important in showing that other perspective. Ex: I know feeling is the answer, secrete, but the real secret is how am I feeling at this moment and do I agree with it. This was but one of the very eye-opening experiences. However, and I understand the concept of giving myself a break with slip ups, it seems that after a few days, I am back to this thirst of knowledge and the action seems to be less and less or back to old patterns. I am sure there is growth, but I am frequently learning to crawl and walk but never quite learning to run or even run at a greater speed. yes, focus . Love this video thanks!

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    Thank you, Andrea.

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    I have been working on / learning about LOA for about 4 years now – and have trouble – Despite allllllll my efforts and work on training my brain for abundance I keep going the other direction – I am so frustrated🙁

  • Thomas Baird
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    When Thought and Emotion become one! Believe you already have what you have asked for within and you shall receive it without. Over and over again I read in my studies that we are to believe we already have received within what we have asked for. Already done. The wish has already been fulfilled within, It is waiting for you to allow it in to your physical experience. Money/capital is a means to an end. The more you have of it the more you can afford to buy what you want. Good Luck!

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    I have been manifasting to have good health. I want to be fully recoveted by end of July. I have been manifasting since May 2022.

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    I’m new at the law of attraction, and using Crystals but so far I like it. I have watch at least 8 of your videos so far and have learned a lot. Really like the practice ones yo u did on the yellow duck and the drum. Saw my first drum the next day, the day after that and so on, so I believe in the law of attraction just have to really get myself in line with the universe to attract money more abundantly.

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    Hello! I’ve been watching your videos everyday and I got an email from honey saying I had coins to spend, I honestly forgot I had honey and I ended up almost having $25 in coins to redeem and like you said when you don’t have money it starts off small. I was very happy to redeem that, I think I’m manifesting it without even realizing it. Can’t wait to see where this journey takes me 🙂

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    Thank you Andrea!

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    Hi Andrea, great video! I just want to clarify if you dream to become abundance is the same if you manifest to become abundance?

    Cheers !

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    Hi Andrea.
    I am so grateful for all videos you share.

    My name is Barbara from South Africa. Your teachings are very helpful.
    I run a cash loan business how do I attract paying customers and is there a way to get those who do not pay to pay. Without worry.
    Thank you.

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    Thank you so much! Very much looking forward to the kit! You read my mind 😉

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    Thank you Andrea!
    Your content couldn’t be more concise & clear, very easy to follow. Im so appreciative of the real life examples you share that we can immediately put into practice. Its all a blessing!
    Love & Gratitude.

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    Beautiful. Thank you. I am glad you addressed this because everything is tied in. We all know about how Karma rules the circumstances of our incarnations and it is true that sometimes we go through certain unfortunate situations in repayment of karmic debts. This includes a life of economic hardship amongst other things. So that is one big reason we may struggle with manifesting abundance. Karma never forgets and at the appointed time, it shows up to collect.

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    Thank u so much dear fr ur guidance… I really need deep guidance in LOA as i have so much to change in my life.. i want financial freedom, my dream home n so much on nd i know i have attracted u as my coach thru LOA… Pls tell us more about attracting more money in less time..
    God bless you

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    OK what about trying to get your ex husband. I know he wants back with me. But hasn’t made any real moves.

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    Loved your videos, i am actioning it in my life.
    Your examples are great and practical.
    I will come out abundant – God bless you Andrea.

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    Very good video Andrea! Making me very curious about that kit…;) Best Wishes!

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    Thank you so much for your clear explanation. I finally begin to ‘get’ it 🙂

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    Great video series! I’m interested in how you can save with an attitude of abundance as saving is potentially thrifty, but also essential to make big ticket purchases like a house / car / new kitchen etc

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    Hi Andrea, I loved this class! Please put me on the list for one of your Abundance Kits. Exciting indeed! Thanks again! Appreciatively, Catherine Hallock

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    As you said ‘This becomes bigger…’ I was looking at one of my accounts and it is getting bigger. 😀 Thank you Andrea!

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    The Law of Attraction has been part of my life for a few decades now, but somehow, I got stuck. I was blocking my attraction, and worse, I was letting my thoughts wander into that “I don’t deserve a good life”. My thoughts would flop from ‘I need financial abundance in my life’, to, ‘ok I could settle for at least this much’. I watched your 1st video and what a difference it made! Just watched Abundance #2 and #3. This made me smile big. 2 days ago, I started thinking about using the tools you addressed in #3 and I hadn’t watched yet. Thank you Andrea, your videos and teachings are a true blessing.

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    Thank you so much for the insight I am receiving from your videos. You create many “Aha” moments for me and I’m sure for lots of others as well. Inspiring!

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    Loving your videos can’t wait for the next one thanks again Michelle.

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    Thank you for you Andrea ❤️

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    I am manifesting a free kit right now! 🙆‍♀️🙋‍♀️💃🧘‍♀️ Thank you Andrea!!!

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    Hi Andrea! First of all thank you for your amazing videos!!! I’m watching a lot of law of attraction youtubers and your teachings of law of abundance are amazing. I have a question, I love to use incense, particularly the once that attract money. What do you think? As aromatherapy can help? Thank you for any answer!

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    Thank you Andrea 🙏💐👍

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    Thank You!! I feel like I’ve been trying to force my abundance instead of just believing, letting go and let it come in through my thoughts. I appreciate your videos and your journey. My mom is a retired school teacher.

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    Thank you, Andrea for the 3 abundance acceleration series. I truly appreciate it. I’m late opening my mails, but I hope I could still get the code for the kit.

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    A very good day to you. I’m Samuel, a very optimistic person, still smelling the sweet scent of success, but can’t taste it yet.
    But I do know that in due time, I will eventually, not just perpetually but substantially be more abundant than I even think.
    Thanks for the loving motivational attitude displayed.🌹🥂🧞‍♂️

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    I’m not sure what to do because I’ve been doing law of attraction and watching videos. I wonder if I’m doing it correctly! But I keep getting people come to me saying I have financial prosperity on my life, sometimes I’m in the store and two people told me I’m a millionaire which caught me of guard and I’m trying to align but still in the same predicament…stay at home mom trying to find income

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    Thank you Andrea!❤️ Have a great and abundant day!

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    Think and act abudance way I try in shops. But about unexpected expenses-if I would be abudance person-I just pay it and foget about it. It will not stuck in my brain for long time period. Now I cannot pay them, because it is 4x bigger as my todays salary and I dont have savings. How to keep aboudance acting, if amount are too big and payment deadline is not far away (to recieve money in other ways). I dont panic, I know I can take credit to pay and this is it. But abundance person will not take credits (at least I think so).

  • Christiane Kirst
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    Money is coming more and more over time. Cultivating the right mind set. Everyday make it your priority to think more abundantly, meaning to I can afford more.

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    Andrea is the best manifesting speaker I’ve ever heard.

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    Thank you Andrea for sharing these amazing insights. Stay blessed.

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    In addition to thinking abundantly and acting abundantly I am thinking healthy and acting healthy as the two are pressing for my attention. For me eliminating pain and debt go hand in hand at this time, and it is a challenge to know which one to address or can I get them both?

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