5 Simple Antidotes to Angst

By Deb Anderson, Guest Contributor

They say that if everyone was to throw their problems into a pile that we would usually pull out our own again!  A lot is to be said for this “better the devil you know” approach – but some insights are available here too!

Familiarity, comfort and “being happy with your lot” are okay if they empower and enrich you – if not then work needs to be done. Truly owning and accepting “our lot” in a positively embracing way means knowing where shortcomings or costs are coming from as well.  If you can fully accept these costs then great – your soul is not suffering, if however you’re not, then chances are you are able to make some positive changes – if you want to.

Here are my antidotes to angst, that I use for when comparison and self – doubt creeps in.

1. Work with the strengths you have!

You are you! And that’s what makes you special. Don’t be someone you’re not or live in pretence of what your lifeshould look like.  Your life is what it is and that’s okay! Turn your questioning of anything in your world into exclamation of who you are and what you are good at!  Ask a supportive friend or family member for positive feedback (if you need to) or write out all the positive things you love about friends and/or family members you admire.  Chances are what you like in them you will also like and already have in yourself.  Love this about yourself!

2. Acknowledge areas for improvement!

Ditto for traits or areas you are not so ready to embrace.  Just acknowledge them for now.  Accept them if you can or work on improving them if you are able.  If not – accept that too. Acknowledge the process and your current place in it as being perfect for you at this time. Growth will come.

3. Feed your needs first!

Commit to nourishing yourself first.  You and those around you will all be so much better off if you can do this.  Grinding away at reducing your soul to dust, serves nobody – especially not yourself!  Gather it up, keep it together and do what you need to at the time to be intact – then act.

4. Share!

Your story is unique.  You are special and we are “wired” to share.  This can be in the way you speak, dress, cook, create, interact and view the world.  Make a point of noticing how your view or thinking has changed.  This is important. Sharing your insights with others will strengthen you even further.

5. Celebrate!

Be pleased with yourself!  Stay true to you and make no apology for it.  Sure we all have problems but dealing with them becomes easier when we own our role in them, by being comfortable and confident that we can embrace or make changes as necessary to continue to empower and enrich our soul, our self.

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About the Author: Deb Anderson is a 44 year old woman living in Queensland, Australia with her husband.  Originally born in New Zealand, Deb is a BA graduate with a degree in Psychology and Social Justice, mother to 3 teenage sons, and step parent to 3 adult girls.  Her passions are writing and sharing. She can be found on Pinterest, under her pinner name “Fortunate Look!”

Deb favours the use of her native Maori language, when signing off – being Aroha!  In the simplest terms, Aroha means “love,” but it is also defined as-

“ breath of life…the creative force that comes from the spirit.  Aroha presumes the universe to be abundant, with more opportunities than there are people.  In social interaction it seeks the best in people, draws it out, yet is firm in not accepting aggression, greed, recycled ignorance or other behaviours that damage. Aroha in action is generous.  Aroha in group meetings seeks unity and balance.  Aroha in practice is intelligent, a unified intelligence of the heart, soul and mind.  However with the distractions of life people can lose connection.” (Source: paradise.net.nz)

Image Source: OakenHeartPhoto.com.  This image was reproduced with permission from the photographer, Brandon Marks.  All rights reserved.  Please contact Brandon to use or reproduce this image.

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