To use the Law of Attraction effectively, you have to find a way to appreciate the things around you as much as you can.  Fixating negatively on anything only lowers your vibration and brings you more of what you don’t like.

Many of us struggle to focus positively on the people we dislike.  It can be challenging to figure out how to appreciate people that annoy, hurt or anger us.

That being said, there are a few things that you can do to find appreciation for the people you’ve traditionally felt very negatively about.  Here are three steps  you can use to help you do this.

*For the best results, please complete these steps in order.  It might be hard for you to start with the last one without completing the first two:

1. Find their struggle: We all are struggling with something because this is how we grow and evolve.  Even the people you hate are having difficulty in some area of their life. 

Take some time to think about what this person is really struggling with right now.  Maybe their love life is going poorly, they are sick or they are having problems at their job.  Looking for another person’s struggle will help you empathize with them and reduce the negative feelings you have towards them. 

As a quick note, don’t spend too much effort on this step because technically it focuses you in a negative direction.  Focusing too much on another person’s struggles will only amplify their struggles and yours.  However,  in small doses it can bring out your concern and compassion just enough to help you be more receptive to appreciation.

2. Evaluate them for any positive personality traits:  It is very likely that your personalities are not particularly compatible, but there will be at least one thing about this individual’s personality that you like. 

Maybe they are funny, they speak well, they are generous, or they are clean and neat.  Dig into this person’s personality to find anything that you agree with and appreciate.  The more items you find, the better.

3. Evaluate them for any redeeming physical characteristics:  Maybe you hate they way they treat you, but that doesn’t mean that everything about them is displeasing.  

Maybe they have nice eyes, a great haircut or nice jewelry.  When you are around someone you don’t like take a moment to look them over for anything that is pleasing to you.  Again, the more items you find, the better. 

If you feel up to it, let them know what you like!  Complimenting people reduces tension and adds more positive momentum towards appreciation.

It can be very easy to be put off by one aspect of another person’s disposition, but each and every one of us is multi-faceted.  We can choose to look at the things we don’t like, or we can choose to search for the things that we do like.

Taking the time to find little things that you appreciate about the people you’ve traditionally disliked will help you use the Law of Attraction more effectively.  This is because an area of your life that has typically elicited negative feelings will now be generating more positive emotions from you.  Positive emotions are critical if you want to create a life you love.

As an added bonus, the Law of Attraction brings you what you think and feel about, so focusing on the positive traits of another will create a situation where you see more about them that you like and less of what you don’t.  With practice, you will find that it becomes easier to be around these people when they pop up in your life.

To be certain, you may do all three of these steps and still find that you don’t fall in love with this person.  We’re not all going to immediately become best friends, and that’s ok.  The benefit of doing these steps is simply that it will help you improve your vibration.  Your ability to find appreciation even in the face of the unwanted will make you a master of the Law of Attraction.

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