4 Actions that Attract Wealth and Abundance

LOTS of people are interested in learning how to attract more money into their lives with the Law of Attraction.  Are you one of them? If so, you might be interested in trying out these actions that attract wealth and abundance!

Before I list out these strategies you can use to bring more money into your life, it is important for you to know that being comfortable with these processes is necessary in order for them to work.  So, please start small, with manageable items and amounts. 

Once you get comfortable using these strategies to attract small items and amounts (maybe just $5-20 in value), gradually move up. If you start too big, you will probably be nervous or upset, and this will project the wrong vibration to attract wealth and abundance.

To be perfectly clear, if you are new to any of these strategies, please avoid using them out of the gate with large transactions (like purchasing investment property or a luxury car, or anything that seems like too big of a stretch).  The trick is to create habits that become automatic in regards to money, and as in all things, it is wise to crawl before you walk. 

With that disclaimer out of the way, here are some actions you can use to attract wealth and abundance!

1. Bargain! 

Start to view the initial offer as a starting point, be it for a knick knack you find at a garage sale or an offer you receive for a job.  Why accept $40K a year for a position the boss may be authorized to give you $60K for?  Start to assume there is a better deal for you if you ask for it.

2. Give some money away

If you are in the habit of being generous, you will attract more generosity back to you.  Avoid the temptation to “money hoard,” because this causes a vibration of lack. 

Money hoarding says to the universe: “If I give away my money, I won’t have enough to live on!” and then you find yourself in a position where limited money comes to you to reflect and support this belief.  To be truly abundant, we must act as if money is in high supply. 

Please note, if you are giving away more than you feel you can afford-this won’t work!  Again, always start with manageable amounts.

2. Splurge on yourself from time to time (in cash)

If you are someone who likes to save your money be aware that always telling yourself you can’t afford the things you want is a surefire way to guarantee you will never be able to afford them.  Start to splurge a little bit on things you ordinarily would deprive yourself of, and you will start to be able to afford more and more things. 

Please note…it is wise to purchase these items in cash, on a debit card or on a credit card you pay off monthly.  Robbing Peter to pay Paul by taking on debt you will carry through loans and credit cards only attracts debt rather than wealth.  Using debt to get the things we want is actually just another way of saying “I can’t afford this.” Paying in cash creates more cash.  This isn’t to say we should feel guilty for loans and credit card debt, but rather that to generate more cash flow we need to use actual cash. 

For strategic reasons, splurge with liquid money-but again, start with manageable, believable amounts!  

4. Relax over momentary losses

Sometimes we get an unexpected bill in the mail, or an expense comes up we weren’t anticipating.  Resist the urge to get upset, and instead relax and tell yourself it may all work out in your favor. 

For example, recently my husband incurred a late charge of $400 (seriously!).  After the initial shock, I calmed down and told myself the universe would make this work out for us.  My husband then paid the late charge online on his credit card and told me he’d call about the late fee on Monday morning when the organization opened.  I went on about my business and forgot all about it through the rest of the weekend. 

Wouldn’t you know it? The organization that charged us the fee refunded the late charge the next week via check!  Even better, the credit card company my husband charged the late fee to was running a promotion to encourage people to spend more money on their credit cards.  The $400 charge on his Amex card made us eligible for a $200 promotional credit.  A momentary “loss” of $400 actually ended up making us $200!  

This is just one story (of many) I have like this, so I know from experience staying cool during momentary losses is a great strategy to bring in extra cash!

These are four tricks I use to help bring more money into my life.  Feel free to try them out-I hope you have as much success with them as I do!

Happy Manifesting! XO, Andrea

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  • Jawad Qaisrani
    Posted February 16, 2018 3:20 am 0Likes

    Thank you Andrea for another great article. I am slightly confused about the first one, which is bargain. Bargaining when buying would give a message of lack if I am not wrong since you wish to pay less as you are afraid that you would be left with less cash so that is from the buying perspective.

    From what I am getting from your explanation is to bargain when it comes to striking a deal whether in the form of selling an item or finalising a salary package. Am I correct?

    Kindly clarifyme on this. I would highly appreciate that.

    Thank you.

  • Andrea Schulman
    Posted February 16, 2018 12:32 pm 0Likes

    Hi Jawad:) Well, it depends on how we look at bargaining. Bargaining can be helpful if you look at it as game and also if you look at it as “the price is always flexible.”

    It also can be helpful in that you are asking for what you want (rather than just accepting the price as it stands). The trick though is just to ask and see what happens. You will likely find that if you simply ask for a discount or a raise more frequently that you step into more and more people offering you better deals.

    XO, Andrea

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