Be Selfish to Raise Your Vibration (10 Steps)

Because we live in a vibrational universe, the only thing we really have to give to the world is the quality of energy that we are projecting back out into it.  When we are happy and joyous, we fill the world with light.  When we are angry or depressed, we do not.

There is a big myth that many of us believe in, and that is the belief that we should put others’ needs ahead of our own.  While it is a lovely thing to care about others and protect their best interests, if we all simply put ourselves first above others we would create a world with more positive, loving energy.

Why is this? Because when we ignore our needs to worry about others, we create a vibrational frequency within ourselves that is stressed, anxious, sick and tired.  Then, instead of radiating pure, high frequency energy, we project lower vibrational energy. We send anxiety, depression and anger into the universe instead of love, joy and acceptance.

Even though we obviously want to care for our children, the elderly, and the other people who depend on us, we are no good to them when we are anxious, depressed or angry because our energy is contagious. In most cases, your bad mood will transfer to the people you love and interact with.

The paradox of selfishness is that by putting ourselves first, we actually help others more. We are the most useful to everyone in the world when we are running on all cylinders, because our higher energy is unconsciously absorbed by those around us.

So, to that end, here are ten things you can do to raise your vibration by being selfish and putting yourself first:

1. Get enough sleep:

We all know how miserable we feel when we are tired so please get the rest you need.  If you routinely need to stay up late to do chores or work, you are simply working too hard.  Life really doesn’t have to be taken so seriously.  Please go easy on yourself.

2. Walk away from conversations that upset you or bring you down:

You do yourself and others a disservice when you allow others to lower your vibration with unsavory conversation.

3. Take time every single day to do at least one thing that you enjoy:

Life is passing you by in each moment.  Please don’t put fun off for a later time-enjoy life now!

4. Take time to eat meals at least three times a day:

So many of us eat on the go, skip breakfast, or rarely enjoy a meal with the ones we love.  Nourish yourself with meals and take the time to enjoy them- they are one of life’s simple pleasures!

5. Take a relaxing bath or shower:

We feel so much better after a relaxing bath or shower!  Use your bathing time as a time to unwind and center yourself.

6. Treat yourself, at least occasionally:

Some of you save all of your pennies for rent, taxes and clothes for your kids.  As much as you give back to others, you can afford to give a little to yourself.  You can’t take your material blessings with you, so you might as well enjoy some of them while you have them!

7. Take time to put yourself together:

No matter what style of dress you prefer, take a little time each day to put your best foot forward.  Not because you should care what others think, but simply because looking your best will make you feel good.

8. Let go of toxic relationships, or at the very least, distance yourself from them:

You will ultimately have the vibration of the company you keep, so try to keep good company!

9. Say “no” when someone asks you to do something you’re uncomfortable with:

Saying “yes” when you are uncomfortable tells the universe that you don’t trust your intuition.  Your gut feelings are always correct-honor them because they’ll never steer you wrong.

10. Spend some time every day thinking about what you like and love about yourself:

So often we fixate on what we don’t like about ourselves and this is terrible for our vibration and our self-esteem.  Show yourself some love every single day!

If we lived in a world where everyone took better care of themselves and did each of these things, imagine how much more peaceful, loving and kind this world would be!  A world where everyone was well-rested, well-fed, relaxed and had higher self-esteem would be a far cry from the world we live in now where so many people run themselves ragged in the name of “responsibility” and “selflessness.”

So please, take good care of yourself! Put yourself first to be your very best self.  We will all benefit from your selfishness.

XO, Andrea

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Image by Cameron Gray,  All rights reserved.


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