Can I Get My Ex Back With the Law of Attraction?

Not surprisingly, many people contact me to ask “can I get my ex back with the Law of Attraction?”  Heartache is brutal, and getting back with an ex often seems like the only remedy to the pain.

Trust me, I know.  Been there, done that!

Now, I must first say that we live in an infinite universe, so yes, anything is possible.

Yes, you can get your ex back with the Law of Attraction.  It’s possible. 

For that matter,  if we live in an infinite universe you could also sprout wings and a personal jet pack and fly yourself to a moon.  It’s possible.

Now that might seem mean, but trust me it’s not.  I do have a point here! My point here is to say that anything is possible, but not everything is probable

So why are wings, a jetpack and a rekindled relationship improbable with the Law of Attraction? Simple.  You don’t expect to have them.

In order to have anything (including the wings and the trips to the moon), only one thing has to change, and that is your expectation.

With the Law of Attraction, we create our reality through our expectation.  When we see ourselves as lovable, love comes.  When we don’t, it stays far, far away.

This is why getting an ex back can be challenging in the midst of a breakup.  After someone has stomped on your heart and rejected you, it can be hard to see yourself as lovable.

When you are beaten down and feeling badly, you simply aren’t in a state of expecting love to happen to you.  This is why people get so sad when they are dumped.  That former hopefulness has evaporated, and it has been replaced by an expectation of loneliness and despair.

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For this reason, when I work with people who want to get an ex back, I make it 100% clear from the beginning that letting the ex go is the most important thing that needs to be done.

This doesn’t mean you’ll never get him or her back, it simply means that from where you stand (energetically speaking) it is probably just about impossible to expect that this person will come back, and this lack of expectation pushes the old partner further away.

To clarify this point, let me offer a very common human experience:

Imagine you have a friend who went on a couple of dates with a guy and she just can’t get him out of her head.  She texts him constantly, follows him around and flirts shamelessly to get his attention. 

But instead of falling head over heels in love with her, what happens? He runs for the hills!

Now your friend is sad and down for a long time, and she becomes obsessed with getting him back.  She talks about the situation endlessly, and now she’s asking your advice on how to get him back.The situation just becomes more and more desperate, and the guy in question is only getting further and further away.

Then finally, one day she decides she’s sick of obsessing about this guy and that she’s ready to move on.  She picks herself up, and gets back out on the dating scene. She works on her happiness and gets her energy back on track.

Then what happens? 

Suddenly, Prince Charming is back sniffing around again! He texts her and calls her and tries to win back her affections. Now that she’s moved on and back to feeling good about herself, he wants to take her on a date again. Oh the irony!

Chances are you know someone who has experienced this phenomena (and maybe you’ve even experienced it yourself!).

See, when we allow ourselves to let go of people we have been chasing after, we stop focusing on our expectation of being unlovable, and this allows love to come to us much more easily. We put our focus on loving ourselves, and this focus attracts love back into our life.

So if you’ve been wanting to get an ex back, do yourself a favor. Make it your new goal to get over your ex, and see what happens.

Maybe the ex will come back, maybe you’ll find a new love interest, but for SURE you will start feeling better and you will release a lot of the energy that is preventing you from developing the expectation you need to find true love.

Letting go of your ex is a necessary step on the path to finding love after heartbreak.

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So to answer the question “can you get your ex back with the Law of Attraction?” the answer is a resounding YES.  However, it is done through letting go, not through trying.

To all my friends out there licking their wounds and feeling bad about love, take heart.  You don’t have to work to get him or her back. You don’t need to strategize or think about it. 

You only have to do one thing, and that is to let him or her go by doing whatever you can do to get over it. Fortunately, there are a lots of ways you can use the Law of Attraction to help you let go and get your happy back.

When you are  truly ready to let go and make your happiness your #1 priority, events and circumstances will shift in your life. You will start loving yourself again, and the universe will respond by bringing more love into your life.  All you have to do is put yourself first.

If you have any questions about love and the Law of Attraction, feel free to contact me and let me know how I can help. There are many ways you can use the Law of Attraction to recover from the sadness of heartbreak and move on to happier times. I’d love to make the transition a little easier for you.

XO, Andrea

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