If you’ve learned about the Law of Attraction (or LOA)  and have found that it is doing a lot of good for you, it’s natural to want to spread the news to others!  To learn that you can create your reality simply by keeping positive thoughts and expectations can be very exciting.  Who wouldn’t want to help their friends and family create better lives for themselves? 

Sometimes this information will be well-received, but sometimes it might not be! It can be disheartening to put what you feel is really great information into someone’s hands and have it shot down.  

If you’ve found yourself in this boat before, here are a couple of things to keep in mind as to why some people aren’t buying into the Law of Attraction.  If you ever feel ignored,  belittled or even attacked for passing along this information, don’t beat yourself up about it because there are a number of reasons why this can happen.

1. The Law of Attraction can feel threatening to the ego: 

To become a true master of the LOA one must get out from under the “victim mentality.” To really believe and use the LOA effectively, we have to assume responsibility for everything that happens in our lives, and for some, that’s just too big of a stretch for the ego.  For many people, it’s far too comfortable to keep pointing the finger at someone else.

When we explain the LOA, we are essentially telling someone that everything is basically “their fault,”  even if we don’t use those words.  Most people prefer to blame their troubles on outside forces (like their parents, their coworkers or their kids).  Therefore, it’s likely that the other person will take some degree of offense to the idea that only their thoughts create their reality.  This can happen even when you explain the LOA with the nicest of words and the very best of intentions.

2. The LOA can scare people with “spirituality” biases:

The LOA is often linked to “psychic ability,” and “the spirit world.”  For some people, the association is just too close for comfort.  Some people have a negative stigma against these ideas, and will immediately reject any belief system that is associated with them.  This type of rejection can be especially painful because it is sometimes served with condescension or even ridicule.

Even though you may find this type of rejection somewhat insulting, try to be sympathetic.   Understand that this person’s choice to be close-minded is only limiting their power.

3. It’s probably just not their time yet: 

If you are able to think back to a time before you learned about the LOA, you may be able to see that being disconnected from it actually served you quite a bit.  It allowed you to tread far enough into the darkness to really appreciate the light once you found it.  It also gave you evidence that the LOA worked, because you could see how your negative expectations manifested time and again.

It’s likely that some of the people in your life are still making that “darkness journey.”  Know that when they are ready for the Law of Attraction they will “attract” it to themselves in a way that is meaningful to them.

4. Their refusal to accept the LOA is serving you in some way: 

If you were meant to be surrounded only by people who accepted the LOA, trust that you would be.  If instead (like many of us) you are finding that some of the people around you are rejecting this information, it’s likely that these doubts are representations of your own doubts about the LOA.

Any doubt that you have about the LOA will be attracted back to you, so often your doubts will be reflected back through other people’s words and actions.  This is especially the case if someone’s rejection evokes a strong emotional response from you.

To really wrap your mind around this concept, the next time you feel someone reject the LOA, listen to their concerns and issues-because ultimately they are telling you something about yourself.  Do some digging to identify why these doubts are being presented to you, and you will get better and better at consciously creating your reality!

It’s quite honorable to want to help others by sharing this information, but when they reject the Law of Attraction it can be discouraging. However, when all’s said and done, it isn’t your responsibility to change anyone’s way of thinking.  

Just like you cannot help an addict who isn’t ready to let go of her addiction, you cannot force someone to accept the Law of Attraction who isn’t ready for it or doesn’t want it.  Though it can be frustrating to sit back and watch people you care about wander aimlessly in the darkness while you’re carrying a map and a flashlight, please trust that they need to find their own paths.  

If you really want to inspire others to follow the Law of Attraction, the only thing you can really do is simply be a shining example of it.  Speak positively, work to raise your vibration, and move confidently in the direction of it.  When the people close to you are ready to see the magic, they will find it in you! 

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  • elsa m.
    Posted February 21, 2015 2:47 pm 0Likes

    I´m one of those people who use to believe in the law of attraction, for years (if not decades) I would visualize everything I wanted, I followed every instruction. The being certain (never doubting), feeling worthy, positive thinking, visualizations. Everything!
    And the complete opposite has happened. Everyone who follows the law of attraction has told me that is because I stopped doing it and it was probably about to happened when I stopped. It seems like everyone has an opinion as to why the law of attraction hasn’t worked for me.
    And then I also wonder, what if the law of attraction goes against karma. what if karma has certain plans for you that go against what you are visualizing in your mind, which one thrives?

  • Andrea Schulman
    Posted February 22, 2015 1:44 pm 0Likes

    Hi Elsa! That’s an interesting question to think about. My first thought is that the Law of Attraction and karma would probably work hand in hand. In other words, if we go after the things that make us truly happy, we are operating from a place of love-and operating from a place of love (i would think) would be good karma. What do you think?

    I’m sorry that you’ve not been seeing results that you want with the Law of Attraction. Since you seem to have a good grasp on the concept, it’s probably something small that could be easily remedied.

    I’ve had the greatest success with LOA since I’ve stopped trying to be specific in my manifestations. Instead of trying so hard to get the car, or the job or the jewelry, I’ve found that it works for me simply to keep my vibration as elevated as possible. If I’m in a happy place, the things I want just seem to be pulled to me without the need for me to visualize. It’s also a little more fun because the universe brings me “happy surprises.” Just some food for thought.

    All the best to you! 🙂

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