8 Easy Ways to Spread Generosity (for Free!)

A lot of the time we equate generosity with money, and we feel that in order to be generous we must open our wallets and fork over cold, hard cash.  While this absolutely is a form of generosity, there are other ways to be generous that are 100% free!

Generosity is about giving, but there are all kinds of things you can give to others.  Besides money, you are able to give your time, resources, kindness and compassion.

Being generous is a wonderful way to invite more love and happiness into your life.  Our lives unfold through karma, and what we get we put out there.  Therefore, by giving generously to others, we invite more blessings into our lives.

Here are a few ways to spread generosity that are both easy, and free!

1. Hold the door open for someone.

2. In traffic, allow another car to merge in front of you.

3. Call or text a friend/relative just to check in and see how they are doing.

4. Give hugs when meeting or departing.

5. Make eye contact and smile at strangers you are interacting with.

6. In conversation, really listen to the other person when they speak.  Resist the urge to think only about your response and what you are going to say next. Offer your genuine attention.

7. Teach someone something you know.  You may know a skill, a trick or a piece of knowledge that can save someone a boatload of money and time.  Spread knowledge.

8. Stop and help someone who is struggling.  Help someone pick up the papers they just dropped or let a mother struggling with her child have your seat on the bus.

As you can see, there are many ways to be generous beyond spending your money.  While money is helpful, and a wonderful way to assist others in need, generosity comes in many different forms.

Make a daily effort to offer a little more generosity out into the world, and see how the world changes for you!

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Image Source: Purple Sherbet Photography

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