Giving Thanks: Why Does Gratitude Make You Happy?

Expressing gratitude is something easy that you can do to improve your life and make you happy.  So why does gratitude make you happy? Consider the following:

Gratitude is a high vibrational emotion.  Have you ever been so grateful for something that it nearly brought you to tears? Maybe you just witnessed the birth of your child,  just got offered the promotion, or just found the love of your life.

Think back to those moments when you were exceptionally grateful for receiving something from the universe that you really, really wanted. You probably shook with joy, love and enthusiasm, which are all extremely high vibrational feelings.

So, gratitude is an emotion that naturally makes you happy because it runs at a high vibrational frequency.  Therefore, taking inventory of things to be grateful for will help to put you in a good mood.  But that’s not all…

Because gratitude is such a high vibrational emotion, it works well with the Law of Attraction.  With the Law of Attraction, like attracts like.

This means that if you are focusing on the things you are grateful for, the universe will respond by bringing you more things to be grateful for, which enables you to feel those high vibrations of gratitude again.  It is a wonderful cycle to be caught in.

You can see this in your interactions with others.  Have you ever noticed that when you thank someone for doing something you appreciate it increases the likelihood that they will do it again?

For example, if my husband cooks a really good meal for me and I let him know I really like it, you can bet he will make it for me again! And then yet again, I will get to enjoy that meal (and he will get a boost from seeing me appreciate it!).

We all love to be appreciated, so we are inspired to do the things that evoke appreciation from others.

This is why it is important to express gratitude for the things that others do for you; not only does it make the other person feel good, it also causes them to repeat their actions!  This enables you (and them!) to feel the high of appreciation all over again.

Therefore, choosing to be grateful is a wonderful way to set the wheels in motion for a happier life.  Not only will you feel happy in the thankful moment, but the Law of Attraction will bring you more things to be grateful for, setting you up for more happiness in the future. And as an added benefit, you will be spreading joy to those you appreciate.

Knowing this, it would be wise to make a habit of finding things to be grateful for daily.  Take stock of your blessings, and give a moment of your time to feel appreciation for them!

XO, Andrea

(Law of Attraction coach & educator)

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