Good Luck Symbols and the Law of Attraction

Believing in the Law of Attraction in many ways is believing in magic.  In order to really believe in magic, it’s  good idea to look for it!  Good luck symbols are some of the magical things that we can get excited about manifesting into our lives.

Whether or not these lucky signs are truly magical, the fact that we consider them good luck means that when we attract them into our lives we are on the right path. Anytime you see something positive show up in your life you are doing well.

Here is a short list of good luck symbols.  Next time you see one, be grateful, because it is the universe’s way of telling you that you are moving in a positive direction! View lucky signs as evidence that you are in the process of manifesting good things.  The more you see, the better!

Common Good Luck Symbols


Four-leaf clovers




Horseshoes (Open end up)

Head-side up pennies on the ground

Seeing the time at 11:11

The number 7

Three keys strung together

Cranes (the bird)


Crickets in the home

A wishbone

A stray eyelash

Shooting stars

As you move about your day, keep your eye out for good luck symbols.  They are a great indication that you are using the Law of Attraction effectively and that you are attracting more wanted manifestations into your life. Whether or not you believe in the magic or the luck of the sign is rather irrelevant, because the fact that we generally considers these good signs is really all that matters.  If good signs show up, you are attracting good things.

So have you seen any of these good luck symbols lately? Personally, I’ve been seeing lots of cranes, pennies, and eyelashes. In fact, I’ve had some relatively good luck recently and two actual cranes have decided to camp out in my backyard pretty much every day within the last few weeks, and they like to squawk loudly when they arrive as if to alert to me when they are around.

This is a very short list of lucky signs, and there are many more out there.  What other good luck symbols would be a good addition to this list?

XO, Andrea 

Law of Attraction Educator

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  • Dana Norton
    Posted March 26, 2015 6:30 pm 0Likes

    Glad I found your site. I was born on 11/22 by the way. Your face is familiar to me and I recognize what you are saying. Thanks ahead of time for helping me. I’m changing jobs and need to manifest my butt off.
    Vr dna

    Posted March 27, 2015 8:32 am 0Likes

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  • Nguyen Liem
    Posted December 1, 2016 3:40 am 0Likes

    Awesome. Thank you

  • Andrea Schulman
    Posted December 1, 2016 5:02 pm 0Likes

    Thanks Nguyen! 🙂

  • Nguyen Liem
    Posted December 7, 2016 2:35 am 0Likes

    I use Law Of Attraction 4 months ago and I won 2 tickets lottery. I must say thanks Univers and encuorage everyone to use Law of Attraction for life. Not only use to win lottery but also everythings in the life. It is awesome. Thank admin, thanks all, best wishes to all of you

  • Andrea Schulman
    Posted December 7, 2016 10:35 am 0Likes

    Thanks for sharing Nguyen, I love hearing about LOA success stories! XO

  • Deidre
    Posted August 31, 2018 3:44 am 0Likes

    after being exposed to these `new truths’ of;Universal Laws,Energy,our Frame of knowledge,Vibration frequencies,the Matrics, etc…
    It all makes sense now! how Everything is connected 🌎 Whoo Wow Whoa !

  • Andrea Schulman
    Posted September 1, 2018 2:53 pm 0Likes

    Everything indeed is connected Deidre! <3

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