Helping Strangers: Social Experiment (VIDEO)

By Vex King, Guest Contributor

Acts of kindness are some of the most beautiful things you can ever witness in your life. There’s such a warm feeling you get inside when you see people helping each other out, and showing compassion to one another. These behaviours also help restore faith in humanity! Similarly, this video demonstrates those particular behaviours. For the most part though, we’re sharing it because it simply put a smile on our faces and we think it’ll do the same for you!

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When is the last time you done a good deed like the ones shown in the video above? You don’t need to be recorded or have exposure to do something nice for someone else. You don’t even need to know them, helping strangers is a far humbling experience! Do it simply because you want to make someone’s day or life, better. You’ll not only work the magic of karma in your favour, but you’ll also feel great afterwards!

We can appreciate that the people in the video were willing to use someone else’s money to do something nice for others, and they may have not done the same if it was their own money. This is usually because people fear the loss of money. In many circumstances, it’s understandable. If you’re tight on finance then it may be much harder to give away money to others; it may mean that you have to starve for a while. However, just remember that the universe always provides back! There are never any real losses because the energy you release always comes back to you… And money is just energy.

Now we’re not telling you to go ahead and give away money today, but you can start with something small. It doesn’t have to be physical either. For example, you could literally just lend your ear to someone who needs to be heard. There have been many times where we’ve made ourselves available to listen to someone who’s been stressed out because they’ve had many things on their mind. By literally just listening to them let it all out, they’ve resulted in feeling much better. That’s right, sometimes we don’t even need to give them any encouraging words; the act of listening and allowing the other person to release their suppressed thoughts and emotions is enough. So again, do something nice for someone at the next opportunity you get. By improving their day, you’ll also improve yours!

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Video Source: Prank It Forward


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