How to Find Your Passion in Life (Law of Attraction)

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I frequently get questions from clients, readers and viewers about how to find your passion in life with the Law of Attraction.

Often, these questions relate to career or someone’s “life’s work.”Other times, people are simply looking for fun diversions or a path that has nothing to do with money.

The thing about how to find your passion in life, however, is less about finding “the one” thing that works for you. Rather, it’s about using the many things you enjoy and allowing them to converge together.

So, in today’s quick Law of Attraction video, I’ll explain how this is done. Try this out and see what passion emerges in your life! It will be unique, lots of fun, and (most importantly) a true reflection of your innate talents and enjoyment.

XO, Andrea (Law of Attraction Educator)

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