How to Handle a Crisis Without Compromising Your Vibration

Keeping your vibration high when you are already in a good place with everything going well is a breeze.  This is why even people who are not familiar with the Law of Attraction can have good days, months and even years.  It’s easy to stay positive when everything is going well.

However, sometimes the universe throws you a curve ball: someone gets sick, loses their job, or their pet runs away.  In times like this, it can be very easy to revert directly into negative thinking and focusing on the worst possible outcomes.  This, of course, is detrimental because as you focus on the worst possible outcomes you make it more likely that they come to pass.

Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to mitigate your unpleasant emotions during a crisis to ensure the best possible outcome.  If you’re handling a crisis right now, take some time to follow the steps below (in order).  You will find that you will begin to feel better and you will start to see evidence that you are moving towards the best possible outcome.

Step 1: Allow yourself to feel the way that you do:

In the initial moments of a crisis, you probably aren’t going to feel great about it.  You very likely will be upset.  Give yourself a little time to feel what you feel without judging yourself for thinking “negatively.”  You aren’t going to completely destroy your vibration and get set into a tailspin and it’s good for you to allow your ego to feel the way it feels without judging it.

Step 2: Take a moment to remember that “bad” things are often paths to good things:

It is very likely that the universe gave you this specific challenge because it was the quickest way to get you moving in a direction that you need to move in so that you can manifest one of your desires.

Step 3: Keep quiet:  

Misery loves company, so starve your misery of company to get rid of it.  Resist the urge to tell everyone about your problems or post them on social media.  It is very tempting to spread the news, but it will dramatically increase your negative thinking and lower your vibration.  Instead, make a conscious effort to tell people what’s going right in your world.

Step 3: Act as if you’re crisis has been resolved with the best possible outcome: 

For example, if you have just lost your job and need a new one, start acting as if you have already been reemployed.  Don’t lay around all day and wallow in your unemployment: get up and out of bed early in the morning.  Get dressed like you are going to work.  Be productive.  Handle your job search in the same way you would handle your job.  The universe simply cannot deliver a jobless life to you if you are continually acting like you are at work.

Step 4: Be mindful of the color of your clothing:

Often when we are depressed, we tend to wear dark colors like black.  Black is a color that will keep you in survival mode, and gives the universe a message that you are depressed. Do yourself a favor, select clothing in higher vibrational colors.  Yellow is an excellent color to wear because it is a powerful and cheerful color.  Yellow is the color of your solar plexus chakra, and is the chakra of personal power.

Step 5: Do whatever you can to cultivate good feelings:

Revel in any happiness that you can find.  Watch funny movies.  Listen to happy songs.  Hug your children and your friends.  Spend as much time as you can doing things that elicit positive feelings.  It will seem like work at first, but after the initial efforts you will see the universe deliver more and more happy moments.  You’ll be back on a roll in no time.

In conclusion, as work through your crisis, make a conscious effort to get your emotions in as positive of a place as possible with the strategies above.  In doing so, you demonstrate to the universe that you believe that it can deliver you the outcome you desire.  By showing the universe that you are a master of your vibration you will get through this crisis and be better than ever. Have faith in you ability to master the Law of Attraction!

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