How to Overcome Setbacks Quickly & Easily

Do you know how to overcome setbacks quickly, or instead are you finding that setbacks hit you hard and knock you down for awhile?

At this point in my life, I’ve been on both sides of this scenario. I much prefer the fast rebound, and I would imagine most other people would as well!

So today, I’d like to share some information with you on how to overcome setbacks quickly and as easily as possible.

For me, the process of developing resiliency has really been about developing a useful perspective about setbacks. And so, here is the perspective I take whenever setbacks pop up.

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The Plant & Harvest Philosophy

Here’s the first thing I want you to know about setbacks: they don’t mean that you are doing anything wrong!

Often, when it comes to our goals, we assume that when we hit a wall, or when the results stop showing that we’ve made a mistake.

But this simply isn’t the case.

Why? Because we are always in the process of growth, that’s why!

Each idea that comes through to fruition is a manifestation of our focus. But once that idea has come through to fruition, a new and expanded idea emerges. And at this point, it is our job to align with the new, evolved idea. The old one has served it’s purpose, but it is no longer propelling us forward.

In other words, manifestation unfolds sequentially, one thing after the next. You don’t manifest everything you want all at once, but rather one thing after another. Manifestation works on a cycle much like the “plant and harvest” cycle in agriculture.

For example..

If you were to, say, have a goal of getting married to your dream man, but you are currently single, there’s probably a bit of planting and harvesting you will need to do.

Chances are, you’re not just going to blink and find yourself standing on the altar with Mr. Perfect out of thin air. There are a few steps you’re probably going to find yourself taking.

Of course, we live in a universe where everything is possible (yes!) but the chance that we believe we are going to instantly manifest our dream wedding with our dream guy is slim at best.

So instead, we plant and harvest seeds that get us to the end result. The Law of Attraction always works within our beliefs, and if we believe there are multiple steps involved, there will need to be multiple cycles of planting and harvesting.

We plant a seed to meet a good guy. Then, we plant a seed to develop rapport and grow attraction.

Many of us at this point will desire to meet the family and develop relationships with each others’ families.

Perhaps next we desire a proposal, and then we have desires to create our dream wedding.

And this goes on, step-by-step, harvest-by-harvest, until we get to the end result.

Keep planting for an easier rebound!

If we look at dreams in terms of planting and harvesting in this way, overcoming setbacks can be a lot easier.

Why? Because setbacks are ALWAYS a sign that you have already harvested your last seed, and it’s time to plant another.

Is your business stalling out? Time to plant another seed! Time to try something new. What’s the next step you feel called to make?

Is your relationship dying on the vine? Time to plant another seed. You’re in a new stage of your relationship. How can you make this new stage as fun and enjoyable as possible?

Take the hint!

Often, when things stop working for us, we don’t take the hint from the universe that it’s time to move on to the next level. We keep doing things the same way, we keep trying to make it happen the way it worked last time.

And that, my friends, just isn’t how deliberate creation works.

Deliberate creation isn’t about figuring out what works every time and applying it over and over again! When we try to create our lives in this kind of cookie cutter way we find very quickly that every day is Groundhog’s day.

We keep attracting the same kind of guy, and then watch it crash and burn like it did with the last guy. We keep taking new jobs that ultimately end up being as unsatisfying as the last ones.

This is NOT deliberate creation.

No, deliberate creation is about taking the hint that it’s time to plant a new seed. Once you have harvested something, but you see results dying, it means it’s time to try something new.

Listen to your guidance.

What’s calling you? What new idea or new approach sounds like it would be fun? What’s a new twist you could put on this situation that sounds inspiring or uplifting?

These new, fresh ideas are the new fresh seeds that will harvest into even bigger results if you allow yourself the freedom to plant them.

For more on this concept, watch this video: 

Remember, understanding how to overcome setbacks quickly and easily is all about perspective.

Instead of getting sad about where you are, or trying desperately to do what worked before, acknowledge that you have just completed a harvest cycle. That last seed has already bore it’s fruit, and it’s time for you to plant another.

This way of looking at setbacks will keep you from falling into despair. Instead of allowing a temporary slowing to turn into a dead stop, you’ll acknowledge the situation for what it is trying to tell you: It’s time to LEVEL UP!

Big things are on the horizon if you just keep planting.

This way of looking at setbacks has kept me very positive, even when things doing go my way. Now, when things slow down for me I realize that I am at the precipice of something new and exciting.

Instead of worrying about why it isn’t working any more, I get excited because I know something new is on it’s way. All I have to do is plant a new seed, and take the next step toward my goal.

I hope this perspective inspires you to take note when a setback occurs. Instead of getting beaten down, take the hint: it’s time to take your next step.

Keep putting one foot in front of the next, and you’ll keep watching the path unfold beautifully before you.

XO, Andrea (Law of Attraction Educator)

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