5 Types of Inspiring People Who Raise Your Vibration

Do you have a lot of inspiring people in your life, or do the people around you usually drag you down?  There are many people we interact with in this world, but the people we are closest to often have the biggest impact on our vibrations and how we feel.  Inspiring people frequently uplift us and encourage us to be our best selves, while others often do the exact opposite.

As we’ve all heard before, we are the company we keep.  So, in an effort to be our best selves, it’s wise to choose the company of inspiring people.

With that being said, here are six types of inspiring people who can raise your vibration.  If you have friends, relatives or acquaintances with any of these traits, spend a little more time getting to know them!

1. The Smilers

Some people’s first reaction is to scowl or act indifferently when meeting someone new.  For others, a warm smile is an automatic response.

People who smile a lot tend to be unguarded and very friendly.  They put people at ease with their welcoming demeanor. 

I’m fortunate to have a daughter who is an avid Smiler.  It’s nice to have a young person running around the house who is always projecting such pleasant and inviting energy.

2. The Huggers

You can spot a Hugger easily as they always need to hug you “hello” and “goodbye!”  They are also quick to offer a big embrace to those who are sad or struggling.

Hugs are great for releasing oxytocin, a natural drug that makes you feel good.   Keep the Huggers in your life around to enjoy more of these easy energetic boosts.

My best friend is a big Hugger.  It feels good to always be greeted with a big hug and it always sets the tone for spending nice, quality time together!

3. The Jokesters

Some people are always joking and always laughing.  They are skilled at tapping us into our inner joy and excitement.  These people are always fun to be around, which is why they are often fairly popular people.

My four year old son is a bit of a Jokester.  He loves getting people to laugh, and he always has us cracking up.  Ironically, we named him Isaac, which means “he who laughs.”  

However, please note there are two types of Jokesters.  Some Jokesters elicit laughs with mean-spirited humor, while others are able to tell jokes without slurs, put-downs and other attacks. 

Though mean-spirited humor can be funny, Jokesters can cause serious discomfort when the joke is on you or someone you care about.  Some Jokesters are better vibration raisers than others, so be mindful of the ones you saddle up to.

4. The Pollyannas

While the Negative Nellies of the world are skilled at sucking the positive vibes out of a room, the Pollyannas are always there fill them back up.  Pollyannas are highly inspiring people who always point out what went well and who are always on the hunt for the silver lining.

The Pollyannas are the first ones to see the positive traits in others and the good in every bad.  Keep these inspiring people close to improve the quality of your perspective about the world.

Through running this website, I’ve met quite a few Pollyannas.  Many of them are readers like you, who write kind and uplifting messages to me via email, social media and by posting comments on my articles.  This keeps me inspired to do my best work, because we always want to live up to people’s expectations of us.

5. The Relaxers

I love being around the Relaxers, because I can be a bit high strung at times, and having people around like this really balances me out.  Relaxed, calm people have a nice soothing quality to their energy.  They keep the rest of us grounded.   These types of inspiring people naturally go with the flow, and encourage the rest of us to do the same.

My brother is one of the Relaxers.  His go-with-the-flow-attitude has always been very soothing to me, and I enjoy his company because everything always feels so easy with him.   It’s nice to be around someone who doesn’t take life so seriously, and instead just takes things day by day.

As they say “your vibe attracts your tribe,” so if you feel you are lacking some of these inspiring people in your life, you can always try to project a few more of these qualities yourself.  The more you smile, hug, laugh, stay positive and remain calm, the more of these types of people will gravitate toward you, and the easier it will be for you to maintain a higher vibration.

When you look closely at your circle of friends, relatives and acquaintances, how many inspiring people do you see?  Would you classify yourself as an inspiring person?  Comment below and let me know!

Love Always,

Andrea 🙂

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  • Bobby
    Posted August 19, 2015 12:25 am 0Likes

    LOVE this and LOVE your input on whom these people are to you in your life. Love the little shout out under the pollyanna’s section (great word, never heard before!) :))))

  • Andrea Schulman
    Posted August 19, 2015 6:58 am 0Likes

    Hi Bobby! 🙂 Yeah…I figured that term might need some explanation for the younger generation…Pollyanna was a book character from way back. She was always looking for the positive. And yes, you would definitely fit the description! -Andrea

  • Jane
    Posted August 20, 2015 7:15 am 0Likes

    Pollyannas of the world, unite!
    Thanks Andrea for spelling it out so perfectly and for reminding me to keep expanding my tribe ????

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