Disclaimer: Most people don’t like being told that things are their fault, so it’s possible that you may not like this article! It’s still worth mentioning though, because this concept is perhaps the most important idea to wrap your mind around if you want to successfully implement the Law of Attraction.

Your reality is entirely your creation. How you perceive the world and how you experience it are completely and totally up to you. Many scientists today favor the idea of an infinite universe, and if we live in an infinite universe, ANYTHING must be possible (and actually exist!). If the universe is indeed infinite, it must be limitless, boundless and capable of endless possibilities. That is the definition of infinite.

Therefore, in an infinite universe, there MUST be infinite realities, outcomes and choices. As a conscious being, you have the ability to choose to live in a reality that contains in it everything you want or you can choose to live in an alternate reality that does not. Your experience of the universe is just one tiny speck in a sea of infinite possibilities. Where you are in this sea of infinite possibilities depends on your thoughts, feelings and actions.

This means you are at fault for everything that happens to you. I’ll repeat it once just so you know I am serious: you are at fault for everything that happens to you.

Yes, everything. You are at fault for the car accident, the screaming child, the rude boss, the bullies and the frenemies. All of it. Every last little bit. It’s all your fault.

The good news is, you are also responsible for every single blessing in your life. Every smile you’ve received, every sunny day, every rainbow, every good friend, every beautiful song, every penny in your bank account-you’ve created it all.

If this is a new idea for you, it might make you feel a little uneasy at first, but as you really internalize it, it is a wonderful thing to know. Knowing this concept makes it so much easier to understand how your thoughts, feelings and actions are creating your reality. Look around and see what’s happening, and you will have immediate, real-time evidence on how well you are using the Law of Attraction.

With this understanding, you will begin to see the unwanted things simply as signs that you should to alter your thoughts, feelings and actions to a more positive place. This is a much more empowering viewpoint of negative experiences than believing that you are just a victim of bad luck.

If you choose to believe in the Law of Attraction, and you really want it to work for you, this is perhaps the most important concept to grasp. In order to align with your dreams, you must first believe that you are capable of creating them. How can you believe it’s possible for you to create your dreams when you don’t believe you’ve created your nightmares?

Accepting that you’ve created everything in your experience is a truly awesome shift in perspective. It means you are more powerful than you’ve ever imagined. Like the universe, you are limitless, boundless and capable of endless possibilities! Believe in your power.

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