I’ve had a busy week with people signing up for my new Law of Attraction member website!  If you think you’d also like to take things to the next step, sign up by Saturday, July 4th and I will personally create a list of LOA strategies just for you for becoming a founding member.

Trial Membership Offer

I’m a professional educator who’s been working intentionally with the Law of Attraction (LOA) for years. The techniques I’ve used have put me in the financial position to quit my job and follow my true passion with success.  Using the LOA, I now run a thriving website and blog with literally no technical experience or training.

What would you like to attract into your life?

Spend some time over the next 30 days learning new Law of Attraction skills and information for a trial of just $0.99.  Your subscription comes with a complimentary copy of my ebook “Positive Affirmations to Attract Good Things.”

Again, as a founding member I will also start you off with some specific tips and techniques tailored just for you, based on your own wants and needs.

Subscription options are below.  Try out the monthly membership for just $0.99 or upgrade to an annual membership or monthly private mentoring plan.

Keep moving forward with your goals and dreams! I’m here to help.


1. Monthly Members:

$0.99 trial for the first month (then $19.99/month) –REGISTER 

2. Annual Members:

$159.99/YEAR (30% Savings & 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee)-REGISTER 

3. Private Mentoring Members:

$239.99/MONTH (Includes 1 monthly private Law of Attraction mentoring session with me via Skype & 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee) –REGISTER




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