5 Reasons Why The Law of Attraction Isn’t Working For You

“5 Reasons Why The Law of Attraction Isn’t Working For You” was written by guest contributor, Jason Demakis.

5. You Don’t Accept What You’re Already Getting

If you’re NOT accepting what you’re already getting in life – while also NOT using it to the greatest advantage possible – you’ll never open the doors through which serious synchronicity can arrive.

This is because the universe only gives you what you actually need in the moment, not what your ego insists is required to advance.

There’s a big difference between those two things, and plenty of Law of Attraction goers typically mix up/confuse/conflate the two, gawk at their lack of results, then throw the baby out with the bath water.

Notice how such people continue to generate results by attracting more of what they’re signaling, especially after they “give up” on the Law of Attraction.

This is because the LoA never turns off, and is constantly feeding you experiences and circumstances in your daily routine which are congruent matches for the “vibe” you’re currently resonating with.

Whatever channel you’re tuned to is what you’re going to get.

You can deny the channel you’re currently on all you’d like, but you’ll never advance to the next channel until you reach a conscious level of acceptance for creating what you’re already experiencing.

This will continue to make more and more sense as this list moves onward.


4. You’re Anticipating its Arrival

Anticipation is the number one killer of flow, inspiration, and internal guidance.

It’s the ego-level insistence that everything needs to happen between an arbitrary period of time, or all has failed. This is one of the single-biggest blocks (along with not making use of what you’re already getting), because you’re actually actively working against the Law of Attraction by “knotting the hose” through which flow and abundance makes its way to you through.

Imagine having a garden hose in your yard, and turning your water on.

Now, imagine taking that hose and pinching it so the water can’t get through.

This is exactly what you do when you anticipate the manifestation of certain things.

Those things are already there; you’re just “cutting off” the vehicle through which they make themselves present in your reality.

The proper way to behave is to act in the present moment – not via anticipation of some distant future outcome. When you stay anchored in the present moment and consciously choose your vibe, you establish a consistent signal of intention with the universe around you. When you “stay on this channel” instead of worrying about what’s going to happen, things typically work out better than you initially planned.

When you intend for something, then worry about how and when it’s going to manifest, you end up manifesting more things to worry about.

When you intend for something, then stay anchored in the vibe you prefer, you manifest things congruent with that vibe.

It can be no other way.


3. You’re Subconsciously Negating Your Intentions

This kind of ties in with the above, but it’s a little more deceptive and subtle. How many times have you put out (any) intention – then almost immediately had thoughts such as “I hope this actually manifests”, or “Why can’t I manifest cool stuff like everyone else is claiming?!”.

Each of those thoughts is an intention, and each intention you have and hold in the present moment cancels out and negates the one that came before it.

To put it another way, it’s like putting in an order at your favorite restaurant, and then changing it every two seconds as the waitress is walking away from your table to the kitchen.

In fact, this is exactly what’s happening.

Instead of letting your “order make it to the kitchen”, you keep changing it. It’s no wonder you keep attracting fear, worry, and doubt-laden scenarios. Practice patience, and let the cooks do their job! ;)

Patience and experience are the two teachers which yield the true treasures of the intention/manifestation model.


2. You’re Attaching to A Particular Outcome/Sabotaging Synchronicity

Similar to number four, yet not quite the same thing. Where as before you were anticipating the arrival of synchronicity and “proof” that the Law of Attraction is working for you – this time the issue is expecting a super precise, particular outcome to manifest.

Let’s say your goal is to manifest more money for yourself.

You state the intention, do a great job of holding the vibe and not allowing non-congruent thoughts to fill your head and sabotage your efforts.

Then suddenly, a string of jobs begin making themselves apparent to you.

You do notice that it’s a bit odd and highly-coincidental that these are coming out of the woodwork all of a sudden, but you remain a bit skeptical.

None of these jobs appeal to you initially, and you brush them off.

A few days pass, and more jobs keep getting offered to you. You begin getting frustrated because you were intending for more money – not more jobs.

What’s going on here?

What’s actually happening is the universe is aligning circumstances through which you are capable of acting within your present situation.

The biggest mistake (and most common assumption) is that synchronicity is this huge, grandiose, unbelievable happening that’s going to stand out like a sore thumb. While some synchronicities will indeed be rather unbelievable, most of the time they come through your environment and make your current circumstances flow effortlessly, while aligning subtle opportunities for you to advance.

What happens here is that you actually end up blocking the synchronicity, because it arrives in a much more subtle way than you were expecting.

Advancing will most often require you to consciously apply the principle of courage, such as when you intend for more money and find out that you’re being offered a better position at your job.

Can you handle more responsibility? The LoA requires you to fill those shoes and become that person before anything else will manifest for you.

The truth is that you may not yet have the skills and assets required to make use of higher-level synchronicity, such as the type you’re probably daydreaming about when setting this very intention.

The good news is, nothing is stopping you from acquiring the internal tools needed to gain those very skills and assets – other than yourself and your own thinking about it.

The universe is saying “Hey! Here’s a congruent circumstance to make your intention become a realty! You can take action on this right now, where you are, with what you already have! Nothing else is needed! All you have to do is muster the courage to walk through the door, and it’s yours!”.

Walking through that door, however, may require that you step outside of your comfort zone. This is the only way growth can ever occur, and it’s also the “secret” to unveiling immensely rewarding synchronicity.

The key issue here is then that of expectation, not manifestation. If you notice an oddly-coincidental string of similar opportunities coming at you, you can rest assure the LoA is actively in motion. The odd clustering of coincidences is your sign that synchronicity is taking place, and to raise your awareness a bit so you can perceive the opportunity before you. When you’re just starting out, most synchs will be like stepping stones that gradually yield the fruits of your desires over a period of time.

The more process involved, the more synchronicity that will take place during the process itself. You very well may notice money on the ground while holding the above intention, but don’t be surprised if your strongest, most life-changing synchronicities occur through opportunity for long-term action and involvement in some endeavor.


1. Your Thoughts Aren’t Congruent with Your Actions

Here’s the big one: the number one reason people “don’t have luck” with the LoAisn’t because they don’t know how to put out intentions correctly.

It’s because they subconsciously believe that the LoA is a substitute for direct personal action.

The entirety of the LoA is founded on taking action. Law of Attr-ACTION.

If you aren’t taking consistent, congruent action on a daily basis, your reality cannot shift and become one which you desire. Objects in motion stay in motion, and objects at rest stay at rest – unless there is an opposing force present. That opposing force is your conscious will. This is not philosophy; this is pure physics.

One of the biggest flaws and traps is the assumption that you can put out intentions to manifest more money for yourself, then simply sit around all day and wait for it to show up.

If you’ve done this before – and honestly expect that this is what the LoA genuinely is about, and that you’ll “become better at manifesting crazy synchronicity while doing less and less” – you’re completely delusional.

When you occupy this state of mind (and being, more accurately), you’ve officially joined the camp of delusional New Agers which give the true essence and function of these principles a bad reputation.

Here’s what this all boils down to:

The LoA is never NOT working; it only appears so because your perceptions, thoughts, beliefs, and actions are uncalibrated to the way in which reality actually behaves and presents itself.

The LoA is functioning and operating perfectly, 100% of the time. It’s YOU who must “get with the program” and start consciously aligning yourself with what IS.

The LoA has been working for you every single moment of every single day of your life. The difference here is that instead of consciously choosing to hold empowering thoughts and states of being for your own reasons, and then allowing those states to guide you into inspired action – you’ve allowed your subconscious social programming to dictate your state of being, and then unconsciously take inspired (or uninspired and limiting) action from those states of being instead.

Consciously choose your state of being and anchor yourself there as much as possible, and watch in amazement as your reality begins shifting over a period of a few days.

Then, compare and contrast how life circumstances typically unfolded before you consciously chose your state of being.

Notice how “bad luck” is nothing more than synchronicity responding to you holding a negative state of being. If you’re already unconscious, you don’t realize that YOU are what causes your bad luck. When you realize this and consciously shift to a more productive state of being, “bad luck” mysteriously vanishes, and is replaced with “perfect timing” scenarios for progressing.

The “secret” to The Secret is to clear up your mind, body, and spirit so they can become congruent and aligned with one another.

This is achieved through living and being the state you wish to occupy and experience as much as possible. Then – and only then – can your external world “catch up”, and mirror your intention to manifest more of what you actually want.

You must already occupy that state internally as best as possible and as much as possible, or you’re merely perpetuating more of what you don’t want. “What you don’t want” is a result of staying anchored in an unconscious decision state, rather than gradually disciplining yourself to hold positive, constructive states of being throughout your current daily routine – even when you’re not yet seeing any proof or evidence of change yet.

The state of being itself is the reward, and the synchronicity always comes after that fact.

The synchronicity is never the reward; it’s always a secondary result OF your state of being itself. Your current synchronicity and bad luck are merely the result of holding an unconscious state of being predominantly. Until you allow yourself to simply feel like you’re already there on the inside, you’ll never actually truly be signaling the attraction mechanism required to trigger the synchronicity you need to advance.

The truth is, you’re already proving that the LoA and abundance principle work and are valid; you’re merely attracting and manifesting an abundance of lack of synchronicity and advance for yourself due to your current state of being.

Consciously shift to the state of being which represents that which you would like to manifest, practice at holding it as consistently as possible as you go about your daily routine, and then watch as subtle synchronicity begins creeping into your experience ;)


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About the Author: Jason Demakis is a personal trainer, writer, speaker and time & productivity management coach. He approaches personal growth head on, without pulling any punches! To learn more about Jason visit his website, follow him on Facebook or contact him at JasonDemakis@Gmail.com.

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