5 Law of Attraction Lessons You May Have Learned Early On

Are you a follower of the Law of Attraction?  Although the Law of Attraction affects all of us, only some people are aware of it and seek to use it consciously to make positive changes in their lives!  If you are one of these people, chances are you have learned some unique Law of Attraction lessons on your journey!

Here are five Law of Attraction lessons followers are likely to learn, often very early on. Which ones have you been presented with already?

1. Some people simply won’t want to hear it.

This was hard for me initially.  When I first learned about the Law of Attraction, I wanted to tell everyone I knew about it!  However, not everyone was as excited about this phenomenon as I was.  Some people ignored me, and some even objected outright.

It’s somewhat common, I’ve found, for people to dislike the idea they are responsible for their realities.  While I find this information empowering, some find it insulting.  They’d rather believe the things that are happening to them are the fault of outside people, events and circumstances.

Trying to pass the Law of Attraction along to other people doesn’t always work, and this is a lesson many conscious creators learn pretty quickly.  Some people just aren’t ready to hear it (and may never be ready to hear it) and that’s ok.

2. Learning the Law of Attraction is a process that takes time.

Mastering the principles of the Law of Attraction can be something that comes relatively easy for some people, but for many of us it is something that takes time and patience.

For example, if you first learned about the Law of Attraction at the age of 30, you have 30 years of limiting beliefs and negative tendencies to weed through and realign.  Although the idea that “thoughts become things” is simple and straightforward, we have a LOT of thoughts, beliefs and behaviors-and some of the negative ones are pretty strongly engrained after a few decades of living.

The good news is that every single time we identify a negative belief or action and make the choice to adjust it we make immediate, positive changes in our lives.  It may take awhile to truly get the hang of the process, but life gets better with every conscious decision to choose positive thoughts, belief and actions.

3. Our negative manifestations can be just as important as the positive ones.

Although most of us probably wish to only manifest “good” things, negative manifestations can be very, very useful.  When bad things happen, we have the opportunity to uncover an area in our life where we are misaligned and projecting a low vibration.

For instance, when I start having struggles and annoyances like getting overcharged at the grocery store, receiving dirty looks or getting sick I can use those negative manifestations as a sign to point out to me what thoughts, beliefs or actions are holding me back.

For example, upon reflection perhaps I can see that I’ve gotten sick because I’ve been working too hard, or talking about illness too much with the people around me.  If I am able to identify the root cause of the negative manifestation, I can make a conscious effort to choose thoughts and actions that bring me back into the resonance of health!  I can take a day off from work, or I can switch the topic of conversation to stop the negative projection.

Although negative manifestations might be a bit unpleasant in the moment, they provide us with a valuable opportunity to practice identifying and transforming thoughts, beliefs and actions that cause low vibrations!

4. You are capable of a lot more than you used to give yourself credit for.

To me, this is one of the most amazing lessons I have learned about the Law of Attraction. My expectations on how life was going to unfold used to be so much smaller than what they are now! I have much bigger hopes and dreams than I ever dared to think about before I knew what the Law of Attraction was.

Once you start to see some early successes with the Law of Attraction it is a fun discovery to realize you are capable of much more happiness, fulfillment, achievement and success than you ever realized before you were aware of this phenomenon!

5. The Law of Attraction is working all the time, and it never takes a break!

Learning to use the Law of Attraction is a real commitment!  Because the Law of Attraction is working all the time, getting optimal results means you have to stay tuned into your vibration throughout every. single. day.

At first, this might seem a bit overwhelming.  However, as with all things, this becomes easier with time as staying tuned in can become habitual!  Conscious awareness can be built with practice.

These are just five lessons Law of Attraction followers may learn on their paths to conscious creation.  Have you learned any other Law of Attraction lessons on your journey?  Comment below and share them with us!

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Image by Cameron Gray, parablevisions.com.  This image has been edited.

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