The Law of Attraction: Size Doesn’t Matter

Many people who are learning about the Law of Attraction have heard that size doesn’t matter.  In other words, it doesn’t matter how big or unusual your desire is.  Something huge can be attracted just as easily as something small and conventional.  However, many people struggle to manifest the “big” things.  If size doesn’t matter, why do big things often take longer?

The answer has nothing to do with the size.  The answer has to do with belief.

Many people struggle to manifest big things because they believe big things are unlikely to manifest.  They believe manifesting a million dollars is a long shot.  They believe finding a soul mate will be a struggle.  They believe a dream job will only show up once in a blue moon.

So, it isn’t the size that matters.  What matters is the belief that size matters.

The Law of Attraction is a game with one simple rule: we get what we believe. If we believe we have to work hard to get what we want, that is what will happen.  If we believe our dreams are highly unlikely, they will stay out of reach.   The universe always delivers what we believe, regardless of its size.

When you have belief on your side, manifesting big things is a snap.  This is why some people win at the casino every time they go.  This is why some people can make friends with anyone.  This is why some people miraculously recover from terminal illness overnight.

Big things are as easy to manifest as small things when we believe they will happen quickly and easily.

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