4 Exciting Ways to Look for the Magic in Your Life

If you believe in the Law of Attraction, then (in a way) you believe in magic. Do you ever try to look for the magic that’s being created in your life with the Law of Attraction?

In my opinion, one of the best ways to master the Law of Attraction is to regularly look for the magic in your life.

Instead of being hyper-focused on manifesting the money, or the relationship or the job, focusing on the magic is a much more fun way to create an exciting life journey. Life doesn’t have to be so serious, and neither does manifestation!

So here are a few things I do to look for the magic in my life. These are fun things that you can do to play with the universe and manifest magical events and circumstances.

Not only are these things fun to do, but they will also allow you to practice conscious creation in a lighthearted way, which will help you gain confidence in your ability to attract the things you want.

1. Pick a sign, and ask for it to come to you.

One of the things I did a long time ago was that I selected a few of my favorite “good luck signs” including cranes (the birds, not the industrial machines), bright red Infinity cars with tinted windows and the number 1111. 

I “told” the universe that these were my lucky signs and to please show them to me when my vibration is high and I am in the process of attracting things I want.

Since asking for this assistance, I get positive feedback from the universe all the time with these signs.  Whenever I see one of these items it is a magical moment!

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2. Notice unusual manifestations.

To play with the magic of the Law of Attraction, let your focus linger on something interesting or unusual in your environment.  Then, see how many times it comes back to you!

For example, a few weeks ago I was driving behind a car with one of those green, red and yellow-striped Vietnam veteran stickers on the bumper. It seemed like something unusual to focus on and it was interesting to me so I allowed my focus to linger on the sticker for a minute. 

Then, just a few minutes later, I ended up behind another car with the same sticker.  A few more miles down the road I saw another.  The whole process was magical!

Fast forward to today and let me tell you, I’m pretty sure I’ve ended up behind every friggin’ Vietnam vet in my town because these stickers pop up pretty much every time I go out for a drive.  In fact, I’ve seen some of the same cars several times now.  The whole thing is mathematically implausible.

So pick something unique to dwell on in your life and see how many times it comes back to you! After a while you will manifest so much of this unique thing that you cannot deny that “magic” is at play!

3. Ask the universe a question, and see what the answer is.

Sometimes when I am driving, I will play a game with myself where I’ll ask a question of the universe (like “what should I do next in my business?” or “how should I deal with this problem?”) and then I look around to see what my eyes land on. 

Oftentimes the signs I see on the road give me great advice, words of encouragement or tell me something I really need to hear.  It’s interesting to see what kinds of messages you read on road signs, bulletin boards and even in the clouds when you’ve asked the universe a question!

4. Magically make someone happy with your mind.

This is one of my favorite ways to look for the magic in life.

If I run into someone who seems grumpy or sad, sometimes it’s fun for me to see if I can “magically” make them happy, just by thinking nice thoughts about them.

I’ll focus on their traits I think are attractive, or their clothes that I like or anything I can reach for that is complimentary of them. Then magically, these people suddenly “perk up,” often cracking a smile, saying something nice or suddenly laughing at something funny.

So if you’re looking for a way to make life a little more mystical and fun, try to look for the magic in your life! 

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Attract some good luck signs or unusual manifestations, ask the universe to answer a question or make someone happy simply by thinking positive thoughts about them. 

These are all great ways to work with the magic of the Law of Attraction, and enjoy this journey of life we’re on!

Thanks for Reading! XO, Andrea

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Image Source: Cameron Gray, ParableVisions.com. This image was reproduced with permission from the artist.  All rights reserved.

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