3 Reasons to Make Peace With Your Pain

Pain is something that most of us work very hard to avoid experiencing.  We don’t want to suffer and we don’t want to feel bad, so we pretend pain doesn’t exist or we self-medicate it with food, drugs, alcohol, shopping or a variety of other distractions.  However, getting where we want in life requires that we make peace with our pain, rather than run from it.

This doesn’t mean that we should actively seek pain out, but rather, when pain presents itself, it is best that we allow it to be there.  It is a part of our guidance system, and when we ignore it and cover it up we blind ourselves to assistance. By making peace with pain we let it guide us to where we need to go, rather than ignoring the signs that are there to help us. The best way out of pain is always through it.

So, although pain is a negative sensation (be it physical or emotional), it does serve some really great functions.  Here are a few things to remind yourself about pain the next time you are suffering and looking for relief.

1. Pain births great desires

Without pain life would be pretty boring.  When we are suffering and in pain is often when we have the greatest desires about how we want life to be.  Without having this negative “contrast” in life, we wouldn’t have many dreams and goals, or nearly as many achievements.

2. Pain teaches great lessons

Whether you pulled a hamstring or lost a best friend, pain can teach you a great deal about how to make better choices in the future.  While we might like to go back in time and fix whatever initially caused the pain, it’s best to keep some perspective.  What we learn from our suffering may ultimately be helping us with a greater obstacle in the future.

3. Pain makes achievements more worthwhile

Our greatest achievements often involve overcoming pain.  To go into the depths of darkness, and climb back out is one of the most rewarding and satisfying experiences in life.  So when you are in the midst of pain, remember, someday you may look back on your journey through it with pride.

The last thing to note here is that the purpose of this article isn’t to encourage anyone to wallow in their pain.   To make peace with your pain doesn’t mean that you need to think about it all the time, talk to everyone about it and make it your life focus.  It simply means that you allow it to be there.  When you feel pain, accept it, honor it and look into it for clues about where you need to be headed next to get through it rather than to avoid it.

Pain is not a high vibrational emotion and it isn’t something that most of us enjoy.  However, the more we can start to view our pain as a guide rather than a punishment, the easier it will be for us to overcome suffering and move back into the light.

Remember,  “the obstacle is the path.”

Disclaimer: If you have a medical or psychological condition that causes pain, please do not use this information as a substitute for professional, one-on-one treatment. 

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  • Christian Collazo
    Posted April 26, 2015 5:17 am 0Likes

    I couldn’t sleep tonight. I was looking through facebook and loosing my mind. Just went through something and it’s pretty much the 6th time it happens. I am so tired of being alone. I then see an article sponsored. I click on it and it talked about how people with anxiety have a higher sense of detecting things. Crazy thing is that I saw what I did wrong. I began to cry and cry. I asked God to please let me be where I want to be. As I scrolled down I saw two articles with your name and they spoke of 7 reasons why pain talks to us and this article with the three facts to accepting it. I thought of ending my life tonight. Of blowing my mind and just ending it all. Your words soothed my mind. It relaxed the storm a bit in my heart. I’m still hurting. I’m crying as I right this. I miss where I was in life so much and I feel like a failure. I will try again though. I can’t tap out. Not when there’s a few more rounds left in me. Thank you kindly Andrea. Follow me back on twitter @ccsky1540 or facebook/collazo1540

  • Andrea Schulman
    Posted April 26, 2015 1:14 pm 0Likes

    Hi Christian…I am sorry to hear that you are in pain. I know that sometimes emotional pain can be a hard storm to ride out. I’m glad you found some words that helped you feel a little better. Sending you positive thoughts and wishing you all the best. Hang in there! -Andrea (PS, thanks for your positive feedback-it is very much appreciated!)

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