Manifest More Fun and Excitement With Your Words

I’ve mentioned a number of times that language can be a very powerful tool to help you raise your vibration and attract the things you want out of life with the Law of Attraction.  Here is a another suggestion on how to adjust your language in order to rise even higher.

The words we project out into the world affect how we feel and how our realities unfold.  When we choose to speak in a monotone voice with standard, unremarkable words, we project a slower, less vibrant frequency into the universe.  Though this is how many of us commonly speak, if we instead chose to animate our voices and use words that demonstrate passion and excitement, we would immediately raise our vibrations and become better magnets for the things that make us feel excited and passionate.

For example, you could say “I’m looking for a new job,” or you could say “I’m really excited about changing careers!” You could say, “I love you” or you could say “I love you so much!”  Which set of phrases do you think would elicit more fun and excitement? 

Enthusiasm can also be used to replace some of our standard responses to everyday questions we hear again and again.  Did someone ask you how your day was? Instead of saying “I’m doing ok” or “can’t complain” you could choose to say “I’m having an excellent day!” or “things have been going exceptionally well!”

You can also choose to use excitement in your written voice.  Your emails, text messages and status updates all have the ability to be written with a more enthusiastic tone.  Written words count too!

When you start to choose words and styles of expression that demonstrate fun and excitement, you will naturally start to feel more excited and fun which will in turn manifest more fun and excitement into your world.  Adding a little animation to your words can have a profound effect.

As one quick side note, I realize that sounding “fake” is something you’ll probably want to avoid.  If you tend to be a bit monotone, jumping right into enthusiastic mode for all of your conversations might feel a bit awkward. 

To avoid coming off as having a forced personality, start small! Look for comfortable opportunities to be a bit more expressive, and then let momentum carry the excitement naturally.  As I’ve said many times before, it’s best to build slowly when we are working with the Law of Attraction. 

Little by little, choose to add a few more words, phrases and exclamation marks into your vocabulary that indicate you are enthusiastic about life and optimistic about the future.  As a result, the Law of Attraction will bring you more fun and excitement!

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