Interview with Michael Losier: Law of Attraction Author/Expert

Michael Losier is one of the most recognizable Law of Attraction experts out there today.  He is well-known for having written the book “Law of Attraction: The Science of Getting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don’t,” which has sold over 1.8 million copies.

Today, Losier has a successful speaking career, and he travels around the world to teach people about the Law of Attraction.  He also hosts a podcast called “Hang Out With Michael,” and has a second book on the shelves entitled “The Law of Connection.” Fortunately, Losier was able to take some time out of his busy schedule to share some of his precious advice with Raise Your Vibration Today!

Michael Losier Interview

When asked about some of the mistakes people make when learning about the Law of Attraction, Michael Losier says that people often immediately want advice on how to manifest the big-ticket items, but they simply aren’t ready for it.

“Too many people are promising cars and girls and guys and money and pearls and motorcycles, but if there’s a negative vibe going on it’s hard to attract positive things,” he says.

“I help people understand why they are attracting negative things.  A lot of other Law of Attraction-type books will spend a lot of time teaching people how to get what they want, but if you don’t clean up the negative part it won’t come,” he adds.

For this reason, Losier teaches that you have to stop the bleeding before you can go after the big things you really want.

“First step, stop attracting negative things, reduce your negativity,” he says.

To reduce negativity and improve one’s vibration, Losier has adapted some  Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques for people looking to learn about the Law of Attraction. He has found that by changing the words that we use when we speak, we can adjust our vibrations to a more positive place.

His hallmark NLP advice to new Law of Attraction followers? “Reduce the words don’t, not and no.”

Using these words, Losier says, unconsciously creates a negative vibration within you.  If you can largely eliminate these words from your vocabulary, it will have a life-changing effect.

Another early lesson Michael teaches is responsibility.

Losier stresses that in order to use Law of Attraction effectively, we must understand that everything going on in our realities has appeared because we have attracted it.

“That’s a tough pill for some people to swallow…even the crappy stuff, even the negative stuff…the rule says, if you’ve attracted it, you had to have sent the vibration that created it,” he says.

Once clients have changed their language, reduced their negativity and are taking personal responsibility for their vibrations, it’s time for them to start manifesting the things they want.

Losier says the “top three” things most of his clients are interested in manifesting are “money, relationships, and their career…health is usually 4th.”

To help people with career manifestations, Losier is in the process of writing his third book, “Fullfillment Needs.” The goal of this book is to help people uncover the kind of work and activities they can be passionate about.

Through a series of processes, Losier’s book will guide people to identify their personal fulfillment needs.  “I start out with 33 needs and by the end of the process they narrow it down to four.”

Understanding one’s fulfillment needs makes it easier to identify the proper career path.

“When you understand what fulfills you, you make better decisions,” he says.

As for Losier’s own fulfillment needs? “My fulfillment needs are attentiveness, influencing people in a positive way and intimate conversations.”

While the book isn’t yet complete, audio and worksheets on how to find your fulfillment needs can be found at

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