There are lots of great Law of Attraction questions that people are asking, but this one is one of my absolute favorites.

The question is this: If we attract our realities through our thoughts and beliefs, how is it possible for a baby to be born into a highly traumatic and painful situation, like abuse, illness, neglect, drug addition, or abandonment?  How could a baby or small child, with so little life experience, generate enough negative thoughts and beliefs to draw extreme suffering into its reality?

Why this is one of my favorite Law of Attraction Questions

I think this is one of the best Law of Attraction questions because it is a deep, highly abstract way of trying to understand conscious creation.  I believe Law of Attraction questions like these urge us to think beyond the surface to search for greater meaning and understanding.  We might never know the answer to this question, but it’s interesting to think about nonetheless.

My Response

This was a question I first heard several years ago, and since then I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how the Law of Attraction could explain this phenomenon.  So these are my thoughts.  Please keep in mind, because these are simply my thoughts, whether or not I am “right” is completely debatable.  While I think that this is a plausible explanation, I’m certainly not going to insist that my response is fact!

To explain my answer I must first say that I believe in the possibility that we are infinite souls.  In other words, I believe it is possible that this lifetime is just one of many that our souls have experienced.  I think we may have lived many other lives before this one and we may live many more beyond it.  I also believe it’s possible to experience reality in a non-linear, one-life-after-the-next fashion, but for the sake of this discussion I’ll keep it simple and discuss multiple lives in terms of one coming after another.

So, it we are indeed infinite souls, and we have had many lives before this one and will have many more after, it stands to reason that the energy of our souls in this lifetime are born carrying a lot of the vibrational energy that we had in the last lifetime.

For this reason, if someone experienced a great deal of pain, trauma and sadness towards the end of their prior life, it is possible that they would come into this life still attracting pain, trauma and sadness.  Therefore, by this explanation, a baby might attract an abusive new life with the Law of Attraction because it carried over with it the vibration of being abused from the lifetime before.

Some might call this explanation reincarnation, or perhaps even karmic retribution in some cases.

I know this explanation won’t resonate with everyone, but the reason it resonates with me is two-fold.  First of all, it helps me to wrap my mind around the “why” of some of my early traumas in life, and it helps me step out of the victim mentality that I stayed trapped in for so many years.  If this life was born out of the vibrational energy from the prior one, the only reason that I attracted any painful circumstances early on was that in my previous life I projected a low, painful vibration.   That thought feels a lot more empowering to me than believing I was a victim, because it means that I had a hand in what happened, even if it was unconscious and unintentional.

The other, and more important reason, that I like this explanation is that it encourages me to make the best out of this lifetime.  If the traumas from my early life were caused from how I ended the last one, I feel that if I can raise my energy into a more positive place before I die, I will better my chances for enjoying the next “linear” life.  Through working with my energy in this lifetime, my life has already turned out to be pretty great at this point, and I wonder how much better the next one will become if I can continue to raise my vibration.

While this isn’t a particularly “Christian” viewpoint, I can definitely see some overlap within the faith, for those who are looking for it.  The ideas of Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory (in some denominations like the Catholic Church) and the story of Jesus rising from the dead seem to me to be a way of explaining eternal life and how your energy affects your outcome beyond this lifetime.

As for some of the other religions and faiths, I wonder if there is overlap that can be found as well.  If you have any ideas, please let me know!

What do you think? 

Again, these are my own personal thoughts, so they are completely debatable.  This is just the way that I have answered this question for myself, and it is an answer that has helped me as I’ve been learning and growing with the Law of Attraction.

So, what do you think? Do you think it’s possible that some children are born into suffering because their energy from another life passed into this one in some sort of reincarnation or possible karmic retribution? Or perhaps do you think there is another, better explanation of how the Law of Attraction supports this phenomenon? Or, even further, do you believe that situations like these prove the Law of Attraction isn’t real?   Comment below and let me know what you think!

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  • Joan
    Posted April 2, 2015 6:43 pm 0Likes

    I believe we come here for soul development and we know exactly where we will be when we get here. We pick our lifestyle, parents, family, husbands/wives, etc. because they have something to teach us and we have something for them. I believe people/situations come to us for a reason.
    To me, the LOA is a tool to help us through this lifetime. By matching the energy in the Universe with what we want or need, it comes to us.

  • Wicked
    Posted April 2, 2015 8:55 pm 0Likes

    If you read carefully, and remember that the bible was written by many people over the course of thousands of years, you find that Jesus(Yeshua) believed in reincarnation, as did many of his people. It is *not* unchristian to believe in karma or reincarnation at all.

  • Lynda
    Posted April 3, 2015 1:11 am 0Likes

    While I think your explanation is completely plausible, it is a little too deep for me to wrap my brain around at this stage of my spiritual journey. However, as I have never encountered this particular question, it is an extremely interesting one. It does remind me of a personal question that has been in my mind ever since I first started seeking spiritual enlightenment. Even though it is not as traumatic as the topic question, I have wondered why as a child various unpleasantness, unfairness, etc., occurred in my own life that was clearly beyond my control; clearly not wished for or intended on part. So I pretty much summed it up this way. We are energy beings, infinite souls, as you say, and when we are born we are energy just like sun rays, wind breezes, splashes of water or whatever; where we land is where we land. The difference being the Universe has prepared, or determined where our landings will be. This is why I believe the Laws of Attraction are so powerful and accurate. Because as the question indicates, as helpless babies we don’t always land in warm and fuzzy families, or in ideal situations. Just as tornadoes consist of those same cool, welcoming breezes we desire on hot steamy nights of Summer. Yet when that cool breeze energy lands/connects with a hurricane or dust storm it is destructive and traumatic. However, as infinite souls with endless potential and abundance, we can seek and create, via the Laws of Attraction, better lives for ourselves. Through the Laws of Attraction we can achieve a clearer, better understanding of ourselves and possibly see how the trauma, and chaotic upbringing of our childhood can be sounding board helping know exactly what/where/how to set our intentions to ensure our adult life can be great! We can practice forgiveness, and learn to accept we were helpless, balls of baby energy without any control of where we landed. But now we do. So we can pray, live in gratitude that we survived a crummy childhood, and grab the Laws of Attraction by the tail/horns/throat whatever:) and create the very best life for ourselves that we can. That’s what I’m doing, and believe me it is so totally working!
    Lynda Jones

  • Andrea Schulman
    Posted April 3, 2015 12:29 pm 0Likes

    Hi Lynda! I like your thought about the universe “preparing” where we land. That makes it feel more like these traumas are meant more to be lessons for the soul rather than punishments. That idea is very soothing to me. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! All the best- Andrea

  • Andrea Schulman
    Posted April 3, 2015 12:30 pm 0Likes

    That is fantastic. In all of my upbringing in the Catholic Church, I never once ran into that tidbit, but I really like it! Thank you for sharing 🙂 -Andrea

  • Andrea Schulman
    Posted April 3, 2015 12:33 pm 0Likes

    Hi Joan! I think that your idea that we pre-selected where we are in this lifetime is a very positive way to look at this situation, and it is an empowering viewpoint. It also feels like we have a greater amount of choice and awareness, which I like. Love this idea 🙂 Best Wishes -Andrea

  • Talia
    Posted April 4, 2019 2:11 pm 0Likes

    Hi Andrea
    Your point of view on this topic was very interesting. It was worth the time.
    Andrea there is another question frequently asked and it is a very challanging one. I was trying to find answers on this but suprisingly found nothing.
    The question is:

    “If LOA states that our feelings,thoughts,beliefs and imaginations creat our upcoming reality then how come sometimes uplifting positive events/news/stuations happen in the time when we are ultimately hopeless/down/depressed/negative or sad”?

    It will be nice to know what you think about this one.

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