Sometimes “no” just means “not yet”

“Sometimes ‘no’ just means ‘not yet'” was written by guest contributor, Babajide Faseyi.

I’ve been rejected quite so many times in my life, but looking back on many of those times from a more mature position, I can see that what I once thought were rejections were not quite rejections. So many times, what I considered to be a rejection after further contemplation turned out to not be. It was simply that life was guiding me.

So many of the no’s I’ve heard from life have been for my own benefit whenever I get the chance to look back on them. So at the time it would have seemed that I wanted something really badly and wasn’t getting it, but in reality, it was life simply guiding me to what was best suited for me.Big Manifestations & Prosperity Meditation: Video For Members Only

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Many times life has said no and I still go ahead and tell life yes. And in those times I go ahead and do yes when life has already said no, I mostly later find out in the end that life had my better interest at heart.

So many times when we get a no from life, we tend to think that life has rejected us but in many instances, it simply means that life is saying not yet.

There is never a need for us to label ourselves as the rejected ones.

We can instead choose to see that there is a time and a season for everything. Just because something you want to happen hasn’t yet happened, it doesn’t mean that you will never achieve your ultimate goal. It could simply mean that it isn’t time yet and that life wants to surprise you with how it gives its gifts to you.

Blessings, Babajide

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About the Author: My name is Babajide Faseyi.  I was born and raised in Nigeria and then moved to the United States for college at the age of 19.  In my 20’s, I became acutely aware that there was more to life than I had been taught and this led me to a deep search.  I read voraciously.  After a period of disillusionment with not having an outlet for the creativity that I felt within myself, I encountered Eckhart Tolle’s book, The Power of Now.  And thus, the journey of knowing who I truly am and the discovery of what I have to offer creatively began.  The links to my facebook pages where my writings are posted are – and

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